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'03 mustang car PC, just started!

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  • '03 mustang car PC, just started!

    Hey all, new to the forums but I've been trolling for a long time haha. I decided to get into this carpc building hobby. I travel for work, so I spend a LOT of time in my car. I was going to get a small garmin navi unit, but decided that my money was better spent with an entire working XP pro machine instead.
    So far I have
    Atom 330 dual core 1.6 board 1gb ram (wintec ampX series runs great)
    Slim DVD
    80 gb 2.5 drive

    I will be getting the M3 atx and some sort of 7inch monitor. I have it running XP pro in the house now, and the new 330 atom is an amazing lil board and processor. DVD playback, running Media Engine (3 second boot after XP loads), surfing the web (youtube, myspace, ect...) are flawless.
    I used an old Orion cobalt 150.2 amp as the case.
    This amp put in many years (5-6) of hard use, and like a phoenix risen from the ashes, has become my new CarPC case. I think the only issue I may have is with the m3-atx hitting the top of the case, I will probably put some sort of spacer on the bottom of the case to raise the aluminum top up untill it fits.
    Airflow inside the case has been improved by removing the original fan (chinsy loud and annoying while suring the web) and replacing it with a 60mm magnetic levitation fan. This fan is a 100% improvment over the stock fan. I don't have pics of that yet, however, I used some epoxy I had laying around I knew would withstand heat, I snipped the top of the heatsink off and mounted it. The epoxy was all purpose and has fixed a broken bowl in my dish set and run through the dishwasher a lot, so I don't think I have a lot to worry about. I may get another HS and mount it differently, but for now, it works.
    I attached a few pics.
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    maybe this should be moved to the working thread sry!


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      This is pretty cool. Do you have a cooling fan on the inside?


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        cooling fan

        Sure do, 60mm mag lev fan. This fan was taken from an old MSI hetis case. VERY quiet. It wouldn't fit the normal heatsink so I cut the heatsink and dremeled the top off and epoxy'd it to the heatsink. So far It's been on about a week and it is MUCH quieter and the temp inside the cramped old amp seem to be better. Original fan was very loud if you were sitting next to it running and just surfing the web.
        Next step is to get my PSU and 7inch screen, then figure out what the best wiring harness will be needed to install this along with my mach460 and current sub/amp system.


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          Cool cool. Yeah i have 2008 mustang and kinda new to this carpc thing. How exactly do i remove the dash to start installing?


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            well, I know how to get my 03 dash apart, however I havn't taken apart a new dash. I would look into crutchfield or other threads on how.


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              Yes! So happy to see a stang post. I got myself a stang as well, and plan to put a car pc, after i redo the exterior.


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                I also have a 02 Mustang & I've been searching for days trying to compile a list of items. My brain

                I'm excited to see this move forward. Where do you plan on placing the actual PC? I'm going to assume under a seat or in the trunk with the size of that amp. Are you also going to place a 7" screen exactly where the factory radio is??

                Keep us posted!
                Over a year later I guess it's true...a carPC is NEVER complete

                2002 Mustang CarPC


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                  I recieved my usb case for the slim line dvd drive. I don't have a slot loading drive, and I think it would be kinda crazy of me to buy one when I have a drive that works great already.
                  I got this one off e-bay from MoCoSo for about 20 bucks shipped. I believe this was ment for slot loading drives, since I had to shave plastic off the door cover in order for it to open. Other than that it works great, looks great, and it was shipped in just a few days.
                  I had a 2.5 inch rubber case from a kit I ordered from newegg last year. Linkage!


                  I will be mounting the HD on top of the pc with locking sata cables. This rubber case should help reduce the amount of shock the HD goes through.

                  I will be mounting the pc under my passenger seat. The dvd drive will be mounted in my center console along with a USB hub. I need the hub for my game controller, I now have sega, nes, and snes games on the carpc. The lil dual core 1.6ghz atom handles it all with ease. I added the emulators to media engine as an external app and can run them from there.

                  As for the 7inch monitor (that I have yet to get) I don't have solid place for that atm. I want to keep the stock mach head unit and tap into the factory stereo with a wiring harness of some sort. I have read a few other posts where ppl have done this and I like the idea.
                  Few ideas on where I could put this are:

                  Flip up from the dash.
                  Mount on the roof where they put a useless wire mesh holder
                  One of my buddies wanted to put it in front of the radio on a movable hinge system so I could slide it up and down if I needed to get to the radio controlls.
                  I dunno we will see, any suggestions/opinions would be welcome.
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                    wow. this reminds me of my own install in my 95 Mustang 5.0. kind of a scary LOL

                    my PC was built into a INTEC PSP case. saw it done on here so i went that route. i have mine under the passenger seat. theres not as much room as i thought under there so i had to shim it up a bit to clear the adjustable seat springs.

                    i removed my 2 headunits for my Mach460 but still kept everything else. amps, wiring, and speakers. just the headunits were removed. i bought metra wiring harness 70-5510

                    with this i left the stock wiring harness stock. i got my 12v ign, amp turn-on, and a 12v from the metra harness. also the rca's made for a simple install to my on-board sound coming from my m10000 motherboard. sound quality is great and i can get it REALLY LOUD only cranked up halfway.

                    my slim slot load is in my glove box but i still have to plug in my usb hub. dont need it just yet.

                    for a screen, i have a 7" touch screen mounted and molded into a double din dash bezel. i cracked the touch glass a year ago so i just use a mouse for now. im in no hurry to replace it so the mouse is fine.

                    i was really overwhelmed at first working on the pc case, bezel, software, parts, and how to install. i even put the project on hold for a year. but to be honest with you, it was actually very easy.

                    heres some pics for motivation to make you keep going.

                    if you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask or send me a pm.

                    good luck and keep us posted
                    95 Mustang 5.0
                    Custom Case, VIA m10000, 512 MB, 80gig, M2-ATX, Slot Load DVD, 7" LCD Touchscreen

                    80% done


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                      Thats a really nice job on the screen. I may do that with mine, I was under the impression you needed the radio to keep the stock stuff working. But If I don't, sweet. I hope there is enough room under the seat for the amp turned pc case, if not I guess I will shave it down to size and try to keep it looking good.


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                        update on install

                        Well, I have some bad news. Wedding plans have stalled this carpc for the moment. The 330 atom is running full time in my bedroom as a htpc. I have it hooked to my TV for movies. I have been able to watch any torrent movies along with playing some nostalgic sega and snes games. I will be trolling the FS forums for a cheap used PSU and Touch screen monitor. These are the final two items that are holding me back. I have decided to get rid of my head unit. I want to use the cars current amps, a wiring harness will allow me to do this.
                        I work in the car industry and I will be able to get a DD ford deck that is faulty for free. I think I will mount the Motherboard behind the dash and customize the cd deck to hold the mobo and HD. I still want the dvd drive in my center console. I believe this will be the cleanest way to install this pc and keep my cable mess to a minimum.
                        On a unrelated note to the car PC. I have a neighbor that is a wood worker, he says he can custom build a sub box (building sub boxes was how he started wood working 15 years ago in High School) for my trunk so that I can get my 10 inch sub and amp to fit better. Right now I have almost no trunk space to use.
                        I just have to say, this mobo has been flawless and running winxp since sept 25th and I have had no problems and we use this to surf the web, play dvds, divx, x264 movies and run old emulators for video games. This mobo has been just incredible for the price. I will be using this mobo for customers that just wana a net pc for cheap and plan on building one for my grandmother's christmas present!
                        Mobo 100 ish
                        ram 30ish
                        HD 50 ish
                        Case - 50 ish with psu
                        optical - 30 ish
                        Monitor - 100 ish
                        Total 360 ish
                        Cheap, and fully functional for grandma!

                        On another side note, I spent 90 bucks for this board and am using a unused laptop HD, a PSU that I had, and a slim line dvd drive I had, along with a stick of ram I had laying around. Total cost of this system has been 110 bucks. I see this price going up, lilliput 7 inch monitor 180 ish, car PSU 80 ish. Total cost when done, about $370. Not bad!


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                          Yay for first post...

                          So one thing that annoys me are the mustang's environmental controls. I am working with a friend of mine to create a digital interface for carputers. That way I can free up the dim slot where they go and get rid of those ugly nobs. Think people might be interested in it?

                          I am building a pc setup for my 99 mustang gt convertible, and like what you've got going, but it looks like it would be hard to see the screen down there.

                          What is your boot time?


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                            boot time is about maybe 50 seconds until music plays. never really timed it. thats with a full xp install and a regular hibernate startup. havent tried playing with the startup yet.

                            the good thing about having the sceen down there is that the a/c control provides shade/cover for the recessed screen.
                            95 Mustang 5.0
                            Custom Case, VIA m10000, 512 MB, 80gig, M2-ATX, Slot Load DVD, 7" LCD Touchscreen

                            80% done