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2002 Frontier-PC project

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  • 2002 Frontier-PC project

    So I decided to put a PC in my truck. 2002 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

    PC specs below.
    Motherboard/CPU: D945GCLF2 w/ Intel Atom dual core
    Memory: 2GB Patriot PC5300 Low Latency
    HDD: 250GB Seagate Momentus Black 7200.3
    PSU: M2-ATX
    Case: Mocoso Black mini box (modded w/ 2 fans)
    Internets: DataAlliance 400mW USB WiFi adapter w/ RealTek 8187 chipset, 9dB Omni Antenna
    USB Slim CD Slot load
    Input: Logitech DiNovo Mini KB
    Display: 7" Double Din Motorized LCD from Revo-Sys, comes with 45w/chan Amplifier
    Radio: Visteon HDZ300 w/ Mitch's cable
    USB Hub: Targus USB 2.0 Ultra mini hub
    GPS: Globalsat BU-353 USB

    Thats all i can think of listing since they are all over the place.. lol

    Assembly started today.
    Here's a pic of the mobo assembled so far. All works so far connected to the M2-ATX.
    LED and Reset is connected to my old case, lolz. I also made my own P4-P4 cable, apparently I have it too short so I just turned the M2ATX for now.

    Bought the mobo, case w/ M2ATX, HDD, USB CD/DVD, and the Lilliput from eBay using the MS 30% cashback (last day before they went to 20%)
    $224 cashback on the way in 2 months.

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    Returned the Lilliput Indash back since the screen will not retract all the way out because it hits the part of the dash. So it about 30degrees off even if its at the bottom of the pocket. It would have to stick out about 1.5" from the bezel and it does not look good. So I am switching to a Doubledin.

    I ordered a DWW-6500 clone from revo-sys since it went down to $485. Later I got an email that the price is for the replacement.

    The new replacement is a 7" Innolux LCD with Antiglare, 4wire touch screen overlay, Built in Mic, a 4x45watt amp, but no AM/FM radio tuner and no CD/DVD drive installed. It may have a slot for an addon (I hope) All these in a Double DIN unit.

    side view pic below and the front screen.
    This is basically the same screen unit of their X300 model, just without the PC.
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      Update: New Display is being shipped.
      7" Double Din from Revo-Sys
      Finally I'll be able to install these things.

      It has an Internal CD/DVD slot, but the one they are shipping to me will not have it. I can ask for it when they have it.


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        Received the display yesterday, everything from the picture above came with it. The VGA cable is heavy duty and is quite long. The 2 blue USB cables were very long as well, so i wont be needing USB extensions.

        so here's whats done so far to the PC.

        here's the Display I received.

        Back of the display. The 2 RCAs next to the USBs are 2 VIDEO Inputs, the other 4 are Audio In.

        Motorized Screen flipped out, CD slot is empty for now, until I get the bracket.

        Only thing not working right now is the touch screen.
        it has Serial-USB built in, I do have the drivers for it, but the Touchkit software cannot find the touch controller.

        The Power button on it does not work for the display, It actually is the power button for the PC, it has 2 wires on the back to connect to the motherboard. Also a Reset button next to the VOL-, 2 wires also built to the harness. The hole on the right side of VOL+ is the MIC, has 2 wires on the harness as well.

        It doesn't seem to have an ignition wire, It has 2 +12v wires (Yellow).
        I'll need a relay to power it on, or just put it in the ignition wire from the stock harness.


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          Hey how's the project going? I'm thinking of getting that same Revo-Sys screen myself. Have they been a good company to deal with for you? Responsive, easy to order? I tried calling them but nobody is answering the phone.

          So if I can tell correctly from the photos and your description, the main harness has 4 pairs of speaker wires, 2 constant power wires, 1 ground wire, 2 wires for pc power toggle, 2 wires for pc reset, and 2 wires for the mic, correct?

          Did you get the DVD drive yet and is the overall product quality good?

          Thanks in advance for the info!


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            I'm waiting for the new screen to be shipped.
            I couldn't get the touchscreen to work. I got the rev01 of the unit.
            Just received an email yesterday that they are sending me a rev02 version.
            They are including a DVD drive in it now, no charge.

            Correct on the harness, but it has 1 more Ground wire. They can be tied together like the Power wires.

            Well, quality isn't like a name brand one, lolz. Its chinese, as i've expected. Cant really tell as far as reliability, just trying to get it to work for now.

            It's best if you email them, I couldn't get ahold of them on the phone either. But they respond to ya within a day.
            Communication and support is great, no problems so far.


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              Added: Logitech DiNovo Mini KB to accessory list.

              Received the new display Unit. I think this is version 2.

              Rear Panel changed. Looks much better. And has a better harness now.

              Today was in 60's so I installed the PC, with the help of a friend.
              Here's what my Case looks like now.

              Fitted under the passenger seat. Apparently the top would hit the bottom of the seat. Needed about 1" more clearance. So we cut up the carpet. Now it fits perfectly.

              Added foam adhesive padding on the bottom of the case.

              Display installed. mess of wires behind.
              Unfortunately the top of the screen is too close to the dash bezel. it is actually touching it. So the motorized screen will not open. I'll just have to do some sanding to make it a lil larger.

              All done.

              Didn't take enough pics during install. We were too busy trying to get everything together.

              Started at 11am, and finished it up at 7pm. Luckily we were done with the wiring stuff before we ran out of daylight. We just had to put everything back together in the dark.

              Touchscreen, GPS, Wifi, and HD Radio all worked fine.

              I'll clean up some issues later on, like some whining noise on idle and acceleration.
              Also clean up some of the wiring as well.


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                Update: (did last Sunday)
                Fixed the engine whine noise by adding a GND Loop isolator.
                Wrapped the Data and Audio wires in split cable tubing. Isolated from the power wires.
                Prewired AV cable to the Display unit which will be connected to the connection (see below). Apparently now that his got connected, the Amplifier now sets the audio from the PC automatically. I used to have to switch the source each time it powers on.

                To do Next: (hopefully this weekend)
                I bought one of those 3 terminal AV wall plate, drill holes to the console pocket in front of the shifter. Put AV terminals there which will connect to the Display. I'll be able to easily connect any AV source to this, which is the MagicSing Karaoke

                I'll have one video jack left which will be for Back-Up Cam, which ill purchase later.


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                  Took a video of the screen today, around 3PM. with lots of sunlight on the rear right side.
                  This is starting up from Hibernation.



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                    Just wondering how things are going with the new display. I have a Xenarc 700IDT that now has a bad touchscreen controller. It's just about 1 year old. I don't want to go this route again and am thinking about the Revo-sys monitor you have.

                    Right now I have a Clarion headunit to control the volume and take the audio from the car PC. The headunit then feeds the main amp. This is all setup in my '96 Camry.

                    The audio out from the PC can go to the revo-sys monitor, right? Then can it feed it to the main amp and control the volume as well?

                    Also, do you know where the manufacturer is located?


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                      The display is working great. I like it. It's bright and readable during the day.

                      It has a built in Amplifier. 2 AV inputs. (One I use for the PC, the 2nd set I use for External Audio/Video) It's harness goes directly to the car's radio wiring harness.

                      Unfortunately it doesn't have PreOuts to plug to an External Amp.
                      You can probably connect the 4 sets of wires directly to another amp.

                      I have stock speakers still and I think they have started to sound bad. So can't tell you on the sound quality of the built in Amp.

                      The manufacturer is located in China, as the unit was shipped directly from there.
                      Revo-Sys I think is located in Massachussetts

                      They seemed to have lowered the price as well.
                      Send em an email to make sure that the Built-In amp is still included because it is not on their product description on their site. And not kidding about the CD, it ONLY reads CDs. Not DVDs. I have it in mine but i'm not using it.


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                        Added Rearview Camera Today.
                        Installed it under the bumper.
                        It was a PITA to drill a thick metal.
                        Started with a cordless drill, after swapping 2 batteries every half hour, I decided to borrow the neighbor's wired electric drill. Could have saved me 2 hours

                        30mm hole drilled, or close to it. dammn non metric step drills.

                        Wiring to reverse light. I used extra wiring so I can put some spade quick connectors.

                        wires wrapped.

                        Camera shot from under the bumper.

                        Far shot, still ducked down to to even see. Cannot see it while standing up.

                        Rearview from Camera
                        Theres a strip of metal sticking down in front of the camera, currently it is pointed straight. I'll just have to point it down a little bit to get rid of the black strip.

                        With person from behind.

                        Tried it at night this evening, but didnt get to take pics. Nightvision is very bright, the black strip on top became white.

                        wiring inside is not complete, I just plugged it in to my external AV inputs. So I have to switch my video input manually. The display has another Video input that automatically switch on, which I really haven't tried if it works or not. I
                        ll see tomorrow.
                        Heres a pic of my AV input by the shifter.


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                          Very impressive setup! Lookin' forward to more pics!
                          FAQ to the FAQ - Great Starting Point

                          My 2006 Honda Accord Carputer - Work In Progress
                          My 1997 Chrysler Concorde Carputer - Died


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                            This is what It looks like right now. USB CD/DVD in the cubby hole held by Velco. 4port USB2.0 Mini hub velcro'd on top of it w/ a retractable Mini USB to plug my phone for tethering/charging.

                            I think i'm almost finished.
                            Just need some new speakers, and a USB camera for the front.
                            That should complete it.


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                              Project complete.... I think..?

                              Installed New speakers to replace the stock ones.
                              I put in Polk Audio db6501 6-1/2" Components for the Front
                              a pair of Polk Audio db 501 5" 2-way for the rear.

                              Then I spent my Amex points for a USB camera, got me a Sony PS3 Eye.

                              Here's a vid from the usb camera, using the minicam. Looks a lil crappy at night.

                              Here's the itemized cost.

                              Intel Atom Board D945GCLF2 $105.79
                              MoCoSo Case+ M2ATX PSU $145.97
                              Seagate 250GB HDD 2.5" $91.32
                              CD/DVD Slim slot load $74.57
                              Globalsat GU353 $36.95
                              RevoSys 7" Display w/ Amplifier $530.00
                              Fry's - Keyboard/USB Wifi(temp) + Misc parts, 2xFans and Pots, 2GB PC5300 mem $90.88
                              Misc Parts Microcenter, 400w PSU for test, USB hub, 2x 4pin to 8pin ATX cable $46.43
                              Misc Tools Harbor Freight $32.46
                              OEM Harness 3x $16.34
                              Rear Camera $39.00
                              25 ft Video Cable $7.95
                              Polk F/R Speakers $275.42
                              Sony PS3 Eye $0.25 <--Difference paid from lack of points.
                              Logitech DiNovo Mini Keyboard $125.00
                              Data Alliance USB wifi + High gain Antenna + extension cable $56.97
                              Radio Shack - Audio/Video Wall Plate, quick connectors $15.00

                              SubTotal $1690.3

                              Ebay/Paypal Cashback from MS $(233.49)

                              Overall Total $1,456.81