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2001 bmw k1200rs

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  • 2001 bmw k1200rs

    I lurked a lot of useful information from this forum. Thanks to all that contributed.

    2001 BMW K1200RS

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    Looks like you had to sacrifice the space for the tool kit.


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      Wow man that is a top notch install. Not one of those flashy, custom molded, computer in sealed box kind of installs, but one that is practical and useful. The case looks great and good job with fitting it. I looked at that lil pico-itx mobo but I will always have a big dick mentality (sry but had to say it). Basically, if I can make it faster or better, I do so.

      Again, great job.


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        ZEEBEES - Thanks, I actually gave up the map pocket. The tool kit is still there right in front pc mounting plate.

        makrinos001 - Thanks. Glad you like the functional case, I'm pretty happy with it. I know what you mean about the pico, 1ghz isn't a screamer. This was the first series of pico-itx boards, so I'm figuring by the time the mobo or the SSD HD craps out there will be a newer faster pico available. The case will still be good!


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          WOW, awesome! Never thought about that!

          Congrats, man, good job!
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            i understand how you keep the rain away from the monitor when driving, but what about when the bike is parked?
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              RipplingHurst - Thanks. With the first two hard drives I tried, Windows was unstable and sometimes on recovery it would boot and all I would get was a cursor with no task bar or icons. Took me a while to realize It was doing something similar to your setup where the touchscreen was coming up as the secondary display. The primary was the dvi that had nothing connected. That was a pain, but Windows is now stable with the new SSD.

              Injector - I hacked up a large map pocket I got from REI and added some velcro. I use it when parked outside to keep the dirt off or if I get caught in a downpour.


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                now heres something to show off!


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                  WOW, I was waiting for someone to come up with a BikePC. Do you think maybe your issues are also because the PC is vibrating also. I think the solid state drive will work, but maybe other stuff is moving around also.
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                    nysaz - Thanks.

                    HiJackZX1 - Thanks. I was not the first diy bike pc or the first bike pc with gui, but maybe the first diy bike pc with gui? Vibration definitely killed my first two hard drives (didn't really kill them, they work fine without the vibration). The SSD does appear to be the fix for the vibration. The only moving part left is the fan on the cpu heatsink and it appears unaffected by the vibration. Unfortunately I have a new problem, my PX10000G will not post. A new one is on order (half the price I payed originally!). Not sure what to do about the dead one, it's had a hard life (mounted and unmounted in many different case configurations, bluescreened many many times and's on a motorcycle). I don't want my money back, but I would like to know what actually went wrong with it. It was working really well with the SSD. I'll need to test my M3-ATX power supply (maybe this is the culprit) before I plug the new PX10000G in.


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                      holy crap u have a pc in your bike, really nice install, never thought someone would put that into a bike. nice job


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                        StraitUpFya - Thanks.

                        All - I got my new PX10000G today and compared it to the dead one. There may be evidence of overheating on the bottom next to the vga connector. I should pull the heat sink to see if I can see more from the top. The heat sink connects at three corners of the board, two sturdy connections at diagonal corners and one with a wimpy dogleg stretching to a third corner. The dogleg on my dead board is bent, it came that way. The heat sink may have not been seated well the whole time, I don't know. The new heat sink is not bent, so I hope this board lasts longer. The new board is installed and everything looks good.