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1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT install

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  • 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT install

    When I bought the car, (it's a 5-speed base DOHC, 225HP) there was no radio, it had been stolen some time ago.

    First order of business was to swap in my old Sony Xplod head unit. I put in new 250W Kenwood 6.5" 2-ways in the front, and 300W Kenwood 6x9's in the back. The stereo can't drive these at full capacity but it's plenty for now.

    I re-used most of my parts from my old Honda Accord install since I sold that car. Behind the screen is:
    - 800MHz Via Mini-ITX motherboard, 320MB ram
    - 20gb hard drive ($5 off ebay)
    - 80W Morex car DC-DC power supply
    - 7" Lilliput EBY-701 touchscreen

    First, here's the car:

    Bought myself for $4k

    Again the frontend is written by myself, it loads library and song data from Windows Media Player.

    The white knob in the picture above is where there used to be a coin holder. I drilled a hole in it and wired up a stereo pot for a volume control.

    The screen bezel used to be an old floppy disk case. I dremeled a rough rectangle and filed the edges straight by hand.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Though after doing the minlogon hack, sometimes Windows hangs for about 3-4 minutes before loading the icons and start menu.

    [■■■■■■■■] 100%
    Mitsubishi 3000GT car computer
    Previous budget Honda carputer

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    Looks great man! VERY clean.
    Nice car, nice install., E-Cig Mods
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      what's a piece man...

      very good installation.... have a good time!!!
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        Info on the screen

        Very nice install any chance you can give more detail on how you created the bezel ?


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          Originally posted by marshallh View Post
          Nice to see another 3000GT on here! Great looking install, very clean and OEM'ish. Nice job!
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            Where is your HU?
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              looks nice. very clean job.