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99 Civic 4DR Sedan, 7" touchscreen D945GCLF2 console carputer (FOR SALE)

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  • 99 Civic 4DR Sedan, 7" touchscreen D945GCLF2 console carputer (FOR SALE)

    Unit is for sale, please check post #38 on 4th page

    Hello guys, it is my second Carputer
    Actually I have done my first Carputer in 5 and half years ago, but I never post it in here, you can check it from my blog (forget the texts, picture tells all)
    It was installed on my Civic 4DR Sedan.

    Section 1, monitor
    Section 2, console
    Section 3, assembly

    Five years ago, ITX board and 7" VGA touchscreen were way too expensive, so I used large LCD and put motherboard in trunk.
    Now, D945GCLF2 is dam so cheap, so, it is the time for my second Carputer.

    The project is mainly on building the case. It took me a month to complete the whole thing.

    My first 5 years old Carputer console v.s. D945GCLF2.

    D945GCLF2, Atom N330 dual core, 945GC Chipset, 2 SATA, Gigabyte LAN, Realtek ALC662 Audio chipset, VGA/S-Video out.

    Remove all heatsinks

    Replace chipset's heatsink with larger one

    7" Lilliput 629GL-70NP touchscreen

    Aparting for screen and controller board.

    Wi-Fi wireless card PCI version

    iPhone silicone case, $0.10 from ebay.....

    Working on the case, using 1/16 (.063) thinness aluminum sheet

    L shape aluminum for pieces joint

    It can just fit a ITX board (18cm width, or 7")

    Backplate of the case. For further motherboard upgrade, the backplate can use a standard motherboard I/O shield.

    Sample power controller. relay for the power and IGN signal, spike filter, and standby signal for COM port.

    Components placement

    Working on central isolation

    Air flows from top of the case to the motherboard then flows from the bottom layer to the upper layer, through the hard drive then out.

    Top view, air blows on all major heatsinks.

    Rear view of the case

    Wi-Fi Wireless card just fits

    Connector fits well

    Rework cables for the power supply. The unit in the picture is picoPSU-120, but actually replaced by picoPSU M3-ATX.

    Right length cable saves space

    Trying to mount the LCD panel

    Boot up test

    Front panel

    Infrared for Lilliput 629GL-70NP remote on the top, power and other buttons, USB ports.

    Rework SATA cables

    Same thing, Right length cable saves space. Patriot 32GB SSD on bottom, and Seagate 160GB 7200.2 SATA Hard Drive on top.

    Mount the platter hard drive in floating with silicone (cut from iPhone silicon case)

    Assemble everything

    Performance test

    SSD benchmark on the left, 160GB SATA HDD benchmark on the right.

    Put on top cover, all done

    12V 3A input, total 36W max.

    Rear of the case, alternate input for video on top left, master power switch and harness in the middle

    Using RoadRunner + LSX VOID 3.0 + iGuidance 4

    Installing into my Civic console

    Same old car.....

    Closer view

    dam squirrel is watching me all the time when I was working on my Carputer

    I also have a bluetooth stick installed inside the Carputer, so it is phone headset free capable.

    If you want to look larget photos, you may want to look them in my blog (click on photos for larger one)

    Thanks for viewing!
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    If you don't want to look it in my blog, here are some pic for my first Carputer

    == updated 01/26/2009 ==========
    here are some addition pictures

    in driving

    Mini jack for Ipod or other audio device connects to my carputer (That big hole was for my first carputer's monitor cable)

    Wireless antenna and GPS receiver

    GPS, of course

    Recently look of the car


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      very nice design. clean


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        Nice install man, very professional look. Excellent custom fab job on the case.


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          Is the Iphone tethered? Is that why you put that pic in there?

          Supreme job on the case man, it looks great.

          -- Nevermind, I see that you used the Iphone silicone as a way to mount the second HD with shock absorpbtion. Nice concept!

          Your pic is mislabeled though, its not the SSD that is mounted that way.


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            hot ish
            chilidog tails chili dogs


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              What resolution are you running you LCD at? Looks nice and clear from your pictures!


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                quick question on the sata cables, did you shorten them yourself, i dont think i have seen blank connectors, could you detail i bit on what you did with them.
                great fab work by the way


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                  Fantastic....very tidy install


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                    nice work very nice man


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                      WOW! You have excellent sheet metal fabrication skills! You are an inspiration for fabricating.


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                        Your first install had a huge monitor, and it was kinda far from you.

                        Was it hard to use?

                        Looks like the first one would also attract lots of attention...


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                          such great craftsmanship, very nicely done!

                          Where did you get the "do it yourself" SATA cable kit?
                          Check out my CARPC: Project Diamond Plate

                          Quick Reference:
                          CPU Electrical Specs
                          Power Supply Calculator

                          Video Connections for newbies
                          Temperature Converter
                          Voltage Calculator


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                            Man that is one sweet car PC. If I had the dosh and the time, I'd build something just like that for my Camry. But no... looks like I'll just have to settle for an under-seat PC.
                            2007 Camry Altise In-dash Car PC


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                              Wow, that is a great case.