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  • Mazda 6 Carputer

    This is my first attempt at a carputer on my Mazda 6 Tell me what you think...I want to give thanks to this forum and Skeurton and his mods.
    I decided not to go with the motorized setup because I didn't want to hack my vents to fit the actuator (which I already bought..)

    Part's List:
    -7" touchscreen lilliput 629 $240
    -CarNetix CNX-P1900 12V DC-DC Regulator $99
    -Cables (vga extension cable, usb extension, etc.) ~$20
    -Audio Link USB MP3 Player Integration Kit $125
    -Added 8" Bazooka sub with Bose sub

    -Computer (half of a laptop):
    *Core 2 Duo 2.10GHz
    *3GB DDR2 PC2-5300
    *64GB SSD and uSATA to SATA connector $200
    *Hybrid Intel and Nvidia 8400 GPU
    *USB GPS $25
    *FingerTip USB Mouse $7
    *USB Dvdrw $16
    *Power 7 USB hub $17
    *XP with Centrafuse and Road Runner with DFX skins
    *Toggle (valet/master switch) and push button with LED (green/orange)

    Power supply for laptop mounted beneath hand brake/arm rest..

    Laptop (power switch solder to extra headphone jack (next to SSD), easy to remove laptop for service later on, got that idea from here )

    Power switch relocated inside cigarette lighter (easily pop out, no need to drill holes and switch fit perfectly with a little bit of hot glue...also mounted valet switch for power supply..switch also control LCD)

    USB port from Audio Link (can use without laptop)

    Everything out of sight

    Only regret is that it's not motorized....for now

    Added cup holder/interior LED's:

    Can upload more pics of interior if anyone is interested...
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    Nice job. The 6 is a great car to install a carpc in.
    My car PC page, with pictures


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      NICE job!
      2011 Nissan Frontier SL
      AMD X3 2.2 | M4-ATX | 16Gb SSD | 2GB DDR3-1333 | MSI GF615M-P33 MB
      OBDPROS USB | BU-303 GPS l LILLIPUT TS | Car2PC adapter | XM Direct | USB Dual band N with custom mag-mount antenna.


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          awesome setup where did you get the switch from?

          1993 Mitsubishi Verada

          My Ride


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            The switch is from a laptop power switch...usually green for power and orange for standby mode but you can wire it for orange glow when it's on also...


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              Some update photos:

              Still shines after 7 years

              HID, LED parking/side lights

              Blue LED interior and RGB LED cup holder

              View from backseat

              Door sills

              Centrafuse front end

              Interior foot LED and cup holder LED are homemade



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                I like your setup. It's low-profile and clean!


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                  Thanks, wanted to keep the stock look as much as I could when everything is nice and tuck away...


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                    Im assuming the stock CD player and radio etc are still in use? I am wanting to remove the player and put the screen in the dash, but I cant find a facia kit that will work with the rest of the car (like the information LCD)


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                      Yes, they are still there. I like it this way cause I don't want to turn on the screen/carputer every time I start the engine... If you want a double din, take a look at this threads