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2006 Turbo Shinka RX-8

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  • 2006 Turbo Shinka RX-8

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    nice job! now go spend some money on a better camera, lol. seriously, i wish that the screen blended in a bit more with the dash and that your obdII software embedded nicely with the centrafuse. what kind of specs are you running on the car and the computer? are you doing anything special with the computer?

    your paint job and rims are nice but some of the other exterior mods are bit much for my tastes. i think that the oem mazda emblem would enhance your front bumper and break up some of the empty space between the headlights. the chrome gas tank door and door handles look a little out of place too. i like the paint the most, even after 3 or 4 looks. eh, as long as you like it, you're good to go i suppose.


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      The computer is Intel Atom 330 dual core w/hyperthread, Vista sees 4 processors. 2gig memory, on VoomPC2 case with 160gig hd and DVD/CDRW combo slim drive. That centrafuse is old, my buddy gave it to me after he upgraded to version 2.
      The MICROTECH is an Engine Management and its what you might think is OBD-II, I have EasyOBD-II (free) but will try a few until I find one I like and purchase it, any suggestions? Also I need navigation software I cant get the centrafuse one to work.


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        That's a nice looking ride, did you do the doors yourself?


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          Thank you. And yes, I bought them off eBay and my buddy and I installed them.


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            Originally posted by m4f1050 View Post
            Nice project and SWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT ride!

            Your hood; is that fiberglass or carbon fiber and how reliable is it without hood pins?
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              MINI COOPER S PRO


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                Thank you for compliments.

                The hood is Carbon Fiber, it uses the stock lock mechanism, so it's pretty reliable since it has the safety lock as well. Cleaner look without the pins, IMHO...

                I am going to upgrade to a Fiber Glass version since I want to bondo and remove waves since I wanted it painted the color of my car. Tough desicion since this one cost me $700 and now I have to get another one and it's being worked on right now (body shop) so I have to buy without being able to sell this one.