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Isuzu Rodeo 2001 with Asus Eee Box

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  • Isuzu Rodeo 2001 with Asus Eee Box

    The Asus Eee Box seems to be just excellent.

    Here's the following parts I used:
    No inverters, no expensive power supplies. Runs efficient, quiet, cool, and solid (besides the hard drive, that's not solid, SSD's are)
    A universal 12v laptop power supply got on ebay for $9, quite nice, has been running the dell latitude i had before the Eee for 2 years perfectly. Switched the voltage switch to 19V for the Eee Box, works great.

    The Eee Box computer I bought on a local news website for salt lake city for $200 brand new in the box with all the goods.

    Micro Startup/Shutdown controller

    DUAL 300 watt MOSFET stereo amp for door speakers, the rodeo has an 8 speaker design but wired up well, works great, sounds clean, rich and punchy where i've got the crossover set up, installed some tweeters in the roof of the rear, the front stocks sound crisp enough to keep em there.

    Lilliput EBY701- The lcd is mounted behind the rodeo's stock double-din bezel, looks stock-ish, works perfect, I've been using this screen for a long time and has been alright, I'm not a fan of resistive touch screens in any device at all, I can't wait for capacitive touch screens to become widely available, i've gotten so use to the capacitive touch on my iphone and it needs to be the standard, that is... if they can make it so its not such a fingerprint magnet.

    Bluetooth USB Adapter (Asus has an optional bluetooth card that can be internally installed inside of the Eee Box, but didn't matter)

    USB Navibe(i think) SIRF III GPS

    MJS Gadgets Sirius Radio Link

    Running centrafuse 2.0, trial. Tempted in buying a license for it.
    Have been running and configuring the heck out of roadrunner for so long... Installed centrafuse and did my own graphics for it in photoshop, set up bluetooth seconds for handsfree talking with my iphone, though the iphone doesn't support data transfer over bluetooth(only wifi), I at least wanted my sound in the car to automatically turn down when I make a call or receive a call. Works perfect, shows battery and service status. I sometimes wish centrafuse was based on winamp so I could use the LED light plugin so I can make my RGB LED's respond to the different frequencies that I have installed in the footwells in front and rear seats. Although, centrafuse has a nice audio decoder built in and works great, can't complain. I also love the ability to pause, rewind, etc... the sirius radio, this also works flawlessly when I receive a call or make a call, sirius pauses just the same way an mp3 would pause in music mode.


    The Eee box is so small it's mounted up inside of my passenger seat, as in, if you look under my passenger seat, you're not going to find anything. Wired the wired under the console plastic allowing the passenger seat to move forward and backward freely. This computer is SILENT and engine noise/interference is to a minimal when the computer is in standby and completely silent when powered on. If you want to go pro with the amp, this Eee Box has SPD/IF optical audio output.
    The 1.6Ghz Atom processor pushes through everything just fine, roadrunner doesn't stress it at all, the fan doesn't even increase its speed or become audible at all. Centrafuse works it a little harder but doesn't ever lag it out, its always responsive and snappy. The GMA950 video controller definitely will not perform anything in high-end HD, but who the hell watched HD content in their car?... works great. Only one video output, that may be a bummer. This Eee Box is the B202 model. I know the newer B204 has HDMI out, don't know if that has the ability to push out BOTH the HDMI and DVI port at the same time. Seems like the perfect and extremely small machine for the car computer use, and CHEAP.

    The Door Speaker/mid amp is installed up inside the driver seat, same goes with that too, still have all of the room under the driver seat for tools/cleaning stuff, etc...

    The startup/shutdown controller works flawlessly. I had to solder wires to the power button which only took about ten minutes and I'm no pro soldering man.

    Hope to order a OBD interface adapter to see how well centrafuse's OBD works before the trial is up.

    As much of you may cringe when I mention this, but I have two 12" sony Xplod subwoofers. I love them for what they do, Powered by a 1000watt sony Xplod amp, got the configured great and running in a nice sealed box, they sound clean, hit hard at all the right frequencies with absolutely no distortion that I can hear and nobody else can hear so far.... I've had them for 3 years and have beat the CRAP out of them, these xplod's just don't "explode". Watch the youtube videos of the "110 outlet subwoofer tests", of what i've seen, the Xplod's are the only speakers to survive the test. Just because they're available at walmart doesn't give them a bad name Use them correctly and install them correctly and they make excellent woofers, built great, work great.

    Here's some basic pictures, if any requests of hardware pics are needed, let me know. The Floor LEDS are currently controlled by a little RGB Led modulator 12v that I found on ebay, has a sound response mode, laggy though... Hope to find a USB Led controller that I can program to respond to Wave audio output and control different colors to different frequencies (Red for 200hz and below, green for mid, blue for high range) and have a true EQ going on in the front and back seats These pictures are also before I have done my custom isuzu graphics, but here ya go.. I may have more soon when I get camera happy.

    REBUILDING THE COMPUTER INSTALLATION basically finished... startup and shutdown controller working 100%
    Next step: isolated backup battery project

    Finished installation... just kidding:

    Cleaned up the wire mess.. making progress.

    Under the seat, clean and still room for more crap (rip in the carpet under the vent is factory, where wire harnesses are ran)

    Installed the computer nice up INSIDE the passenger seat.
    Now wrapped all wires/cables in protective plastic housing.
    Making all wires disappear and making it more of a solid, permanent, fool-proof installation.

    More pics soon.

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    Looks good.

    Are those 31's? Any lockers?
    {Xenarc 700TSV} {Celeron M 1.3 ghz} {ASUS mATX mobo w/CT479} {MX440 128mb AGP} {1x512mb RAM} {3.5" Seagate 40gb (rated at 350 G's)} {M1-ATX}



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      I have to say that the Eee box looks like a good option.

      Unfortunately I have a BMW and I want to use IBUS so I can gain steering wheel controls.


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        You have no idea how jealous of my buddie's 4runner with his fancy lockers, When I have extra money just lying around I may make a plunge and install some... Or I may make the move and get an Off-road nissan xterra as a new project machine.

        Eee Box's 3rd day in ridiculously freezing temperatures with zero problems, bluetooth still rockin

        Yes, steering wheel controls are a plus ... What's IBUS ?
        EDIT: researched... Well, there are IBUS receivers that are USB, how does that eliminate the Eee Box/similar formfactors?
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          I haven't found a usb ibus interface that will just plug into the back of the eeebox.

          Also one of my major goals or this CarPc that I will start to build next week is that I want the PC to look like it belongs where I put it, I'd like to cut back on anything that is plugged in and sticking out.

          I believe that a micro ITX will do what I think I need and I will build a custom case for it with the proper cooling and things. I have some sheet metal and plastics/fiberglass experience...mostly plastics. I want my pc to look like BMW put it there.


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            Glad to hear the Eee box works well in cold temps. I'd like to know how it works in 90+ temps as well


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              Yep! Still working well, still no issues, other than I wish I could find out how to disable USB power output from the USB ports when it is in standy.

              I hope it works well in the heat, I'm thinking it will.

              When I had it torn apart while soldering wires for the power-button circuit, I was running winamp visualizer at 1024x768 and the cooling fan barely accelerated nor did the heatsinks even feel very warm to the touch at room temperature. When I disable "automatic fan control" in the bios, WOW that fan is fast and blow a lot of air. I'm thinking it just may do well.

              Being as the Eee Box is installed under the passenger seat where the rear floor vents are located, leaving my car running over a half hour with the heat blasted in the driveway hasn't caused any problems. I got back in my car thinking "oh shi* ! " but even then, I still couldn't hear the fans when I paused the music.
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                Haha funny story

                So you're putting it to sleep/standby on shutdown, not hibernate?


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                  Originally posted by stevey500 View Post
                  Yep! Still working well, still no issues, other than I wish I could find out how to disable USB power output from the USB ports when it is in standy.
                  Go to your Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers >. Go through each "USB Root Hub" listed and open the "Power Management" tab. Make sure all "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" have been checkmarked.


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                    Nope! No hybernation. I've had my vehicle sit for more than 4 days still able to start without an issue. Those DC-DC laptop power supplies barely pull current I swear.

                    Thanks 96300NAZ, I checked all the USB ROOT HUB devices to see they were all checked, any other suggestions?... Could I do a bios mod?.. I don't know where to even start with that.
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                      I know this is going to be subjective but do you feel that the Eee Box would have enough horsepower to run everything you're running now (Centrafuse, etc) plus an external USB sound card and USB touchscreen monitor? The monitors aren't out yet, but I've heard both can be pretty CPU intensive.


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                        I am running an external USB sound with a c-media chipset for wiring up a microphone for voice control/bluetooth hands-free. Works perfect, no skips, glitches, or standby issues. I'm thinking the Eee may be able to run those new LCD's. Not too sure... Maybe someone else on the board has tested one of these new USB LCD's with the Atom 1.6ghz chipset?

                        What I have plugged into USB isn't exactly anything to require much CPU power at all.

                        Touch screen, very very minima data transfer or processing involved.
                        Sirius interface, hardly any processing power needed.
                        GPS - yet again, barely any data transfer or processing needed.
                        Memory card reader, rarely gets used, probably can use a bit of system recourses when transferring lots of files at a time.
                        iPhone - I don't have itunes installed, just plug it in to charge it, no CPU power required.
                        Startup/shutdown controller - doesn't transfer data, only uses the USB port to sense the power on/or off state of the computer.
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                          Still working on the USB issues. Still trying to figure out how to get the USB ports to shut off when in standby/poweroff.

                          On another note, I think I found pin 14 of the DVI port has 5v+ power that turns on and off with the computer power/state.

                          I am rebuilding the computer installation right now.
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                            Since you've confirmed that the checkboxes to "allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" boxes are checked, thats it.

                            the only other area you can check is in the BIOS. If its not there, unfortunately your USB devices will stay powered. most systems are this way actually.


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                              Yeah, all of my system USB devices are set to "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" and the touch screen USB controller has "Allow this device to wake the computer" disabled. I don't recall seeing a choice for S1 or S3 power management on the Eee's Bios setup but I'll take a keyboard out there and check it out when I get it all put back together.

                              Age: 18 | Car: Isuzu Rodeo 01 |