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  • Dirtyrhino's Merc 230CE Coupe Lowrider

    Well, she's finally finished
    I've spent a LOT of time away ATM, hence me not being on here at all for a while

    I'm going to hopefully be integrating a USB based relay interface to control the Hydraulics using the RR interface and a great app that uses a simple Dll and "load and kill" app routines, plus a nice app that runs a series of marcos to run the relays in a set sequence to music / flash animations Etc - ideal for shows and publicity

    Really really proud of this build - it's not been easy, as stuff has conspired to get in my way from the start ( dodgy power supply PCB, iffy XP verification ( thanks Microsoft ), some really bad wiring that i had to rip out and start again from scratch, a bodged alarm that was spliced and bodged all over the loom etc etc etc......

    Dell SX260, 1gb ram, 80gb HDD (soon to be solid state), lilliput 7" USB touchscreen, modified Power Supply, RR (what else )and DFX 4.0 skin , GPS Bluetooth adapter with integrated Speed HUD, lots of extras, but i can't remember the full spec ATM.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot, there isn't much room in the 230, so I've only put a 12" ported sub in the trunk, with a basic 800 Mono amp, and a 4ch 1000 in for the midrange and vocal drivers in the cabin (front doors and rear shelf) with a simple 5ch equalizer to balance things out a little.

    As this is primarily an uppy-downy kinda ride, with a gearing towards an autonomous function, i didn't see the point in using too much space for bits that would take up valuable space for my pumps, PLC control, and batteries

    See what i mean......