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Add an Aux input to nissan Sentra Clarion Auto Stereo (PO-HM5064N-01)

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  • Add an Aux input to nissan Sentra Clarion Auto Stereo (PO-HM5064N-01)

    I have a Clarioon PO-HM5064n-01 Car stereo in my Nissan Sentra (B15) 2003.

    I just downloaded the TDA7340 AUDIO SIGNAL PROCESSOR Data Sheet and found that ther is two imput called HCR & HCL. I soldered one wire at each of this an a third wire from a Ground. I drill a hole at the right front face of the stereo and put a female 3.5 stereo jack. The HCR to the right imput, The HCL to the Left imput and the Ground to the negative imputo. Now when i plug my mp3 player while in the FM mode. The FM sound fades off and i can hear my music from my mp3 player.

    I'm attaching the picture so you can do the same.
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    Is this for the factory installed stereo?

    Thanks for posting this: it was exactly the information that I was looking for. It was not clear from your post if this was the factory installed stereo, or a stereo that you had put in later?

    I was eager to attach a stereo input on my factory installed stereo as well, and these directions seem perfect.



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      Sorry to revive, but....

      I know this thread is a bit old, however I will soon pull the stock radio and check out the various options to add an AUX input.

      I am wondering if anyone else has done this mod. In particular, does it actually cause fading of the FM audio in favor of the hacked input? I am a bit of an electronics tech and can only conceive of the AUX input being too strong and just over powering the existing FM signal (looking at the chip's block diagram).

      I think using the AM-L and AM-R inputs would work well (as opposed to some folks use of the CD inputs) especially since I do not really use AM anyway.

      Alternatively, I am looking at switching in the AUX and the OUTL / OUTR and INL / INR thereby overiding the audio no matter what is selected as long as the phono plug is inserted.

      Please give comments.

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        I know this is an old post, I got a Clarion PE-HM5064HC-01 which uses the same TDA7340S.

        I just tried the op hack and it doesn't work for me, the FM does fade out but you can't hear anything ... I'll try the AM in and if it doesn't work I'll try the CD in.

        Any of the previous posters got any chances?


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          well, it didn't worked, the AM in does the same thing as the FM, it fades out but nothing comes out of the player.

          Next is the CD in hack!