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2000 Galant....NEW 2 THIS

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  • 2000 Galant....NEW 2 THIS

    Okay. So I have been looking through here at other galant owners who molded their screen into the dash....ofcourse I wanted one.

    This is what I started with:

    I bought a scrap bezel from a junkyard.
    FYI This is my first time molding anything.
    I went with an 8" monitor. Just finished molding and primering. Gave it a quick coat of primer to better view the blemishes.

    I really have to work on the bottom inside corners for the ac controls.
    My phone is acting crazy but will take more pics later.

    For the pc I am using a Shuttle XPC SK41G:
    I have chopped it smaller and mounted the hdd to the top of the case with some rubber between it to minimize the vibration. I also added a fan to the top. The Process I copied from DarquePervert's operation HERE:
    I just added almost inch to allow for the fan.

    Here is what I have in the trunk so far....I am still waiting on my last speaker grills to come in. I ordered three and they send two. They help hide my carpet blemishes around the subs and protect they work for me. lol.

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    after a few more coats of primering and touching up I painted it to match the dash in my car. Then put the monitor back together.