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BMW 7-series (E65) with iDrive using new CarX B7

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  • BMW 7-series (E65) with iDrive using new CarX B7


    I am the author of the old freeware CarX (for Ibus BMW) and CarX/A (for Audi with MMI).

    I have just finished developing the new CarX B7 for use in an i-drive BMW.

    CarX B7 can be controlled via the i-drive wheel and the steering wheel buttons.

    See the video on youtube:

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    Any plans for the Infiniti-bus or Lexus/toyota?
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      Pretty impressive how it's integrated with the iDrive!

      A couple of obsevations though. It think it would have been nicer if the grafics were the "old" iDrive style since now you mix the both of them together wich I don't really like. If it's also compatible with the new type of iDrive where the grafiks are based on however, it would integrate very nice.

      Secondly I don't really like how the video is integrated. Wouldn't it be possible to make it show at normal 16/9 ratio? Now it's all flat and wide... Maybe like the way the original iDrive split screen works with the video on the right and some buttons on the left?

      And one question: Is this only compatible with the E65? Or also with the Navi Pro in the E60? The Navi Business will not work probably since this uses a normal 16/9 ratio.

      But all in all impressive work! May be worth looking into when I buy myself another car (wich probably will be an E60).
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        Please tell me if I get it right.

        So what you made is just a software package the you can install on a pc.
        And this you can controll by using the Idrive knob in your car??

        If this is correct, my questionis, if you have the money to buy the Idrive system,do you think that they are going to use a PC??
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          The iDrive System you don't buy Seninha. It comes with the car when you buy a newer model BMW.

          The main goal for most people would be to have the possibility of having loads of MP3's in your car and the ability to play Video's. Those are not supported in a standard iDrive system. You can buy add on modules that make is possible to connect USB devices and iPods to it but they cost more than what he's offering and functions are limited.

          No, I think his sollution for integrating a Car-PC in iDrive is a very good one (except for the points mentioned above). And since I allready have a Car-PC that's probably the way I would go when I'm buying myself another BMW with iDrive in it.

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            hi everyone

            thanks for the remarks.

            To clarify: Indeed I wrote this software and you need a PC in the car. Idrive comes with the BMW itself. To read from the CAN-bus it is neccessary to install a device called CANUSB. You will find it if you google it...

            Re the layout: I kept thinking if I go with the new F01 layout or not - indeed I am mixing styles here, but then I must say, that I love the new grafix so much that I just did it It is a hobby at the end of the day - but I agree that mixing the 2 styles is a bit strange, at least at 1st sight.

            I am still working on the video - I agree, the stretching needs modification. I will have to figure out a way of scaling the video in the underlying video engine I am using - still some way to go.

            The entire system is based on 640x480, so e.g. if I want something to be a perfect circle in the car, I will have to stretch it up to an ellipse in my development environment... try yourself with any image program: any image in 640x480, then scale to 976x396 - that is kinda what you see in the car :-)

            I will keep you posted on latest developements.

            At this time I am integrating the capability of dialing a GPRS modem (like the blackberry) via bluetooth dongle and get on the internet. Usage will be things like
            • RSS feeds (customize your special news far more specific than radio news)
            • use Microsoft speech to actually get the new read for you by a computer voice
            • obviously a web browser - although it is of limited use in the car
            • Email

            The dialing, RSS and webbrowser already work in a version that I am about to release...Email will take a few more days

            The youtube-video and my website explain a lot more in detail how the car setup looks like



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              addendum: no plans to get into Toyota/Lexus yet. I almost had got one as company car, in that case I would have done it - but with out a test object in the garage this kind of thing is hard to do....sorry


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                Another one:

                Re compatibility: obvisouly the screeen needs to be the big one.

                The multimedia interface has to provide means of getting both audio and video into the car - ideally switachble, worst case with a remote, better with a relais.

                the idrive commands on an E60 I have not tested. If anyone iswilling to invest, I offer to make mods if needed, if i get some traces etc. We would have to sync about some details. In exchange I would offer a free license :-)


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                  very very nice,

                  how did you hooked up the carputer to the nav screen?


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                      i am looking to purchase a new 335i w/ iDrive. i previously had built an iBus based caputer for my M3, but now i could soon be dealing with CANbus. totally different animal
                      if i pull the trigger this week, i would love to be a tester for CarX. happy to provide logging information, etc. I am a/was a developer, so im happy to provide in-depth debug & testing information.
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