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Lotus Esprit S4 - Mac mini install

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  • Lotus Esprit S4 - Mac mini install

    Mac Mini. Voice-operated. Xenarc 7" touchscreen;

    Intel Mac Mini. Running OSX and Windows. The integrated GPS works. Freescan (connected through the ALDL - logs ECU data while I'm driving). All the usual fun stuff.

    The best part is; I have my iPhone tethered to the mini so I've got internet and streaming radio everywhere I go. Don't tell AT&T :-)

    Amp and power supply tucked away.

    I have since cleaned this mess up. The mini fits perfectly in the pouch behind the seat.

    Like it's not even there:

    The keyboard and mouse have been replaced by an app called 'AirMouse' on the iPhone.



    I'm running ICEł as a front-end. Check it out over in the Mac forum - it's as good as it gets if you're a Mac user.

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    Very nice.

    You may want to check out iTap (a non jailbreak app, its in the app-store) for iphone also, I think I've come to the point of figuring out that it's been the best app that closely represents apple's touchpads on the macbook like of computers, it also has a keyboard with native volume control buttons and other little features.

    itap also works in windows in case you want to give Centrafuse software a try, I've been using it for a year, I really can't find a reason to go back to roadrunner other than it IS free but not solid enough for me to stay happy with. If I were a software developer I'd just make my own, wish I was, but I'm not, heh.

    Way to go though with the 3G tethering, using PdaNet? That's what I've been using and it seems to be pretty fool-proof, the newest version doesn't run my battery dead while it's plugged in.

    Nice install!
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      I'm using the fabled iPhone Netshare app for tethering so I didn't have to jailbreak my phone. It's pretty great. I also don't have to worry about killing my battery because I just plug it into the mini so it charges whilst I'm using it.

      I'll look at the iTap software - but so far with Parallels 'convergence' AirMouse seems to work with everything. Thanks for the suggestion!


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        damm bro!! nice car and install! what yr is that lotus btw?
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          Originally posted by respo87 View Post
          damm bro!! nice car and install! what yr is that lotus btw?
          Thanks! It's a 1995 S4. It was the last year for the 4 cylinder in the US and they only made 46 of this model that year. I like it alot.


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            I think you should get a different shifter, or shorten it. It is so long it gets in the way