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  • BMW 325ti -01 Compact

    When is a project really finished?

    Now, after 3,5 years I consider my project finished even though I have ongoing projects to improve on the system, as the hardware is installed as I want it to be. I must say that I have been longing to enter this thread :-)

    Everything is described in detail here incuding links to some youtubes and ongoing updates.

    Edit: Properly sized pics

    Some kind of overview

    All the stuff on the floor before install.

    Left wall in boot

    In detail. Here is where the CD changer used to be. The Powercontrol and GPS unit is of my own design to make the system be as much factory as possible.

    The isolators for the HQCT etc closeup.

    With upholstery in place

    PC and power amp

    PC baseplate

    LC-679 with T7100 dualcore cpu, 1GB RAM
    64GB Samsung SSD
    M2-ATX Power

    Everything in place

    Rearview Camera

    TV antenna. I also use BMW GPS antenna.

    The Bordmonitor before I put it in the car.

    With its USB DVD behind

    This is what 4x better resolution does to picture quality

    BMW MD headunit replaced with Bordmonitor with USB DVD and 6,5" VGA LCD panel

    Here is tyre pressure unit, USB hub, OBDII interface and HQCT radio

    USB connector at dash

    I put in a standard BMW mic next to rearview mirror

    I had to build a special interface for it, as it is powersupply and audio in two wires only

    Thanks for all the help received from this forum!
    My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"

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    looks amazing!

    Carpc plan=========90% -Never going to be finished!
    Carpc parts==5% -Computer died
    Carpc install==5% -Need to install computer
    Carpc worklog-0% -Need to start that soon


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      Dam that is one hot car computer install, very clean, and very well planned out!! Makes me want to slap one in my BMW even more now !


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        Absolutely Fantastic.
        UR a genius!


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          Could you explain how did you install the tyre pressure module?


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            Great job man, it looks awesome. I really like the USB port, was there something there before or did you just fabricate the whole thing in?


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              Thanks guys!
              The tyre pressure thing is Robby's TPMS
              The USB port is made from a connector that came with a USB memory stick. Unfortunately I do not remember what brand. I did cut it down a bit to make it more slim. If you want one, I can only suggest you go to local computer store and have a look if a nice connector is uncluded in the USB devices they might sell.

              To give you an idee what to look for:

     (a connector on cable to be connected to mobo)
              My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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                Great install!
                I have a question about using the factory mic. How is the sound quality? Sounds good while driving?



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                  To be honest I have not got to that point where I am using it at all.
                  After a hw problem with the bordmonitor I redesigned the entire thing and that has taken over a year including the design of 2 pcb's.
                  I will let you know when I know. It should be as good as the original BMW install, I only built the interface required to connect it to PC line-in.
                  My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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                    Could you possibly post a clear description for someone (like me) who does not know exactly how you pulled it off for using the OEM microphone. I would like to use the OEM mic in my E46 with an aftermarket bluetooth interface, which is intended to use a passive mic. I would really appreciate it if so, and would be happy to contribute some money for your time if needed. Thanks.


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                      Special interface for bmw microphone

                      Could you sell me one interface please? this is for my 2003 e39. My aftermarket bluetooth device has a 3.5mm connector. contact me at 908.770.xxxx or mutarabosco yahoo fr.
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                        Looks like it was one heck of an install. I like the USB hookup by the shifter.


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                          Hi! I'm trying to connect OEM BMW mic to BLK-MD-SPK-B Bluetooth module. A simple mic works fine but there are too much acoustic noices. Tried to connect OEM mic instead of it - just 2 wires (3rd is not connected as WDS says) - and it almost doesn't work. Tried a simple schematic (one R + one C) with different voltages (vmic of module is 2.5v, also tried 3.3v and 5v) - the same result. I could hear very low sound only if I speak directly to the mic near mouth.

                          Do you have an idea how to connect OEM mic to that module?

                          BTW, how did you succeeded to power mic with both 5V and PC's sound card? How does this schematic works?


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                            RR-Skin: BMW OpenBM Skin for E39 [never ending progress :-(]
                            RR-Plugin: IBusCommunicatoRR new Updates


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                              Originally posted by harryberlin View Post
                              There is a difference between connecting mic to PC's sound card and to BT module: sound card's input has two wires (GND and combined signal+power with RC circuit built-in), but BT module has three wires (GND, mic power 2.5V and mic signal input).