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99 Land Rover Discovery II - Offroad Navigation

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  • 99 Land Rover Discovery II - Offroad Navigation

    Navigation System

    In the past I had a "carputer" that did everything (AM/FM/CD/NAV/MP3/DivX/DVD etc). The trouble with this setup was that I was always worried about it if I left the truck at a hiking trailhead. I like having a PC in the car though, as I can use it for Nav, as an OBDII scanner, store my vehicle workshop manual, store/view photos, write up trip reports in the field, surf the web, and check email. I decided to go with an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) so I can quickly remove it from it's RAM mount and store it in my locking drawers when not in use.

    After a fair amount of research into UMPCs and ruggedized hardware in general I found the TabletKiosk EO Tuftab v7112XT. This is a compromise computer. It isn't as cheap as say an Asus R2H ($650 used), but it isn't as expensive as Toughbook tablet ($4000) either. It has a sunlight visible touchscreen and has a ruggedized case. For use in an enclosed vehicle it sounded perfect to me.

    I purchased the Tuftab along with the VESA compatible docking station. Pulled the metal bracket off the docking station, drilled it, and shaved it to make a permanent low profile bracket that would mate to a VESA mounting plate from RAM.

    The Mighty GPS through hull antenna is really easy to mount. Mounted by popping out rear dome light, drilling a hole, threading the cable through the headliner and down the A-pillar, and popping the dome light back in. Took about 30 minutes including the time to get the drill from the shop.

    I've been using this system for about 6 months now and really like it. The processor on the Tuftab is a little bit slow but it keeps up enough to not frustrate me.

    The software I'm using is my company's software, Overland Navigator.

    * TabletKiosk EO Tuftab v7112XT - Sunlight Visible 7" Touchscreen, Semi Ruggedized, Bluetooth, etc
    * MightyGPS Weatherproof through hull SIRF III GPS
    * RAM mount securing it to the dash
    * ElmScan 5 Bluetooth OBDII Reader


    * Overland Navigator - Touchscreen Topographic Mapping Software
    * Scantool.Net OBDII Software
    * Windows XP Tablet Edition

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    I'd like to know more about that software, Overland Nav. I could use something like that on my offroad trips.
    {Xenarc 700TSV} {Celeron M 1.3 ghz} {ASUS mATX mobo w/CT479} {MX440 128mb AGP} {1x512mb RAM} {3.5" Seagate 40gb (rated at 350 G's)} {M1-ATX}



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      Originally posted by damarble View Post
      I'd like to know more about that software, Overland Nav. I could use something like that on my offroad trips.
      Additional info is available on our website. As it is my company, rules prevent me from posting a link, but you should be able to find it if you google for "Overland Navigator".