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'03 MGZS build (lotsa pics)

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  • '03 MGZS build (lotsa pics)

    Hey this is my first CarPC

    Took me 4 days of confusion! and hard graft to get this in and running.

    Specs :

    Zotac 9300-itx-wifi Motherboard.
    Pentium Dual-Core E5200 2.5Ghz.
    2Gb of Corsair TwinX Ram DDR2 800MHz.
    Fujistsu 160Gb 2.5" HDD.
    Lilliput EBY701 7" Touchscreen.
    VoomPC2 Case - The zotac fits, but you can't fit a cd with this board, and the hdd has to be mounted elsewhere
    Centrafuse Frontend.

    2x Kenwood Amps : 1 for 8 speaker system (4Woofer/4Tweeter), and one for Twin 10" Sub in custom fibreglass box (Yet to tidy and make pretty :P )

    Photos Follow :

    Also sub-box with 2x10" JBL "cheap for the moment.... a year ago lol!" subs in it. Any recommendations of a good set of 10's?
    (This was my first FibreGlass Project)

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    that quite nice mate. it will look more agressive when painted. Please do post the pics of the finish