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  • Renault Laguna II CarPC

    Hello world!
    I'm French, I will try to present my new install in my Renault Laguna II, model 2001 1.8l 16v

    my car:

    First I have made my config. Let's take a little case.
    For the dc to dc convertor, I use a ups card.
    it's converts 12V to 220V~
    Then I have connected my ATX power supply.
    Behind this, my motherboard, a Gigabyte GC230D (Atom 1,6Ghz, 1GoDDR, 250GO HDD IDE)
    A soundblaster Audigy in Lowprofile.

    All this in a little pc case, behind the driver's seat:

    On the left of the HDD, you can see a little card. A relay is delayed at 10sec on IGN ON and 2min at IGN OFF.
    Then I have made the mod of pin 8 on serial Com1 (+5V on pin8 when IGN ON and GND when IGN OFF).

    by the way, I have the time to start my car before autostart of the computer (by setup on the BIOS).
    When IGN is OFF, the computer hibernates, and on 2mins the +12V is cutted by the relay.

    A plank of wood later:

    Next step is installation of the 8" touchscreen lcd, a CTF800 from
    disassembly of the console:

    Touchscreen fixed:

    Yeah, first boot!!

    The sound card must be connected to my player. (If I wanna listen FM tuner, and for setup of my amps)
    So I must deport it somewhere

    this way:

    Some cables..

    much cleaner:

    very much cleaner

    Thanks for your attention!

    (and I'm very sorry for my english speaking!!!)

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    hey zyssai, looking good! i like the idea of having the headunit in the center console, that came up very good. Screen position looks good too, does that cover fold over the screen and hide it? overall nice install
    Holden FTW!
    Carpc Mk 1
    Carpc Mk 2 (in Progress)


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      Yeah that's just I wanted to do
      I will made a photo soon


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        Ah, a Laguna2 owner! And French! And speaks English!

        Have you heard about ddt2000? A computer program, that is similar to CLIP, but it does not need an expensive adapter. I made a serial interface to that and works fine. It is not compatible with the CAN bus.,92.0.html

        You can peep into different computers and set/unset/reset fault codes, settings (e.g. pressure monitoring system, ABS, settings of different methods for servo or windscreen wiper, check the pressure in the climatic compressor, enabling tempomat and many other things).

        It is far beyond the OBD2 system! It is Renault- (and Nissan and Dacia) specific! Of course, the Laguna also communcates via OBD2 protocol, but the information you could gain are limited and slow.

        If you like to have the program, I could send the link to download, too...

        We have a forum (actually, two forums) to discuss the problems about Lagunas. If you need something about it, I can answer or can translate your question. I also read the German lagunaII forum and sometimes the Romanian and the French also, but because the language barrier it is hard to interpret.

        But I'd like to know the real meaning of descripitions in ddt2000, because in spite of the English menu, it speaks mainly French.

        May I ask you some questions about it? I have a vocabulary, and my wife speaks French a little bit, but she is not familiar with electronic and mechanic expressions.

        My laguna is a 2.0 IDE model from 2002, I am quite satisfied despite of the horrifying storyes about that type of engine. OK, in the case of a sophisticated machinery, the risk of fault also increased...
        I put my car computer into the glovebox (Epia M10K) and I modified my upper display unit to enclose the 7' LCD. It also displays movies on a 17' LCD on the seat behind, to my daughter. I control it by a PIC that communicates via USB with PC. Both program running are my code. The controller is a magnetic encoder made from a rubbish HDD and cheap buttons.
        Some photos are in the 'my images' section. (together with my previous Seicento modifications
        Alopecia perniciosa


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          Yes so long time that I'm looking for CLIP interface!!!!
          But the problem is that I have never found a good adapter, and not so expensive.

          Thanks for your link but how do you wire the odb interface with the adapter? I do not understand the wirering

          Do you have some other pictures of that?
          Thanks a lot!!


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            Yes, but it is very simple: the link shows you the way how the ODB side is connected (12V, GND and K-line), and on the other hand the RS232 is just Tx,Rx,GND, as the PCB shows you.

            I can also send you a ready made interface, if you like it.
            Send me your address in private.
            Alopecia perniciosa


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              Can you tell me where are connected the 12V, GND and K-line on the ODB connector? (which pin?)
              And the same for the rs232 connector?
              And if you can send me your interface, it would be very nice!!!!

              again thanks you because i spend many time to find how this ODB connection works and now you give me the solution!!


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                8" tft?

                Very nice install!

                i'm about to buy another car. i like the flap in your dash over your tft very much. how did you mount your 8" tft? did you have to cut anything?


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                  Originally posted by DJCannonball View Post
                  Very nice install!

                  i'm about to buy another car. i like the flap in your dash over your tft very much. how did you mount your 8" tft? did you have to cut anything?
                  thats what he said lol 8" It looks like he just had to shave a bit off the right side, other than that it looks pretty clean, nice install =]


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                    yesy I cutted a lot of plastic And the flap now is not automatic (I have to guid it myself)

                    because before it looks like this:

                    I recommand 7" tft because it's easier to install