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CARX24/AV Electronic Mazda CX-7

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  • CARX24/AV Electronic Mazda CX-7

    I have posted my car before but I wanted to share an experience I just had with Andy from CARX24 and Sam from AVElectronic.COM. About 2 weeks ago I was messing around trying to add a PCI card to my mobo and long story short I accidentaly fried my mobo when the card touch the HD fans. So off I went to find a new one. I got everything I needed got it all loaded up and when I went to use CARX24, it only worked for 15 minuts. I contacted Sam (who I got everything from originally) and he explained that the software would only work with the orginal mobo and would not work without a new code. So he got me in touch with Andy I explained evrything to him and offered to send the fried mobo to him. He told me that it was not neccessary and took care of me with a new code. Now I know alot of you use/design your own Front End but for those who do not, give it a try I love it. So a BIG THANKS to Andy and Sam.

    Now a bit about the car.
    VIA EPIA M10000G Mini-ITX Board with 1g ram
    500g Hard Drive
    DVD player in glove box
    Griffin Powermate
    Navigation Multi Audio-Video Switcher
    If you have a factory screen and don't want to take it out try their Nav interfaces they work perfect.

    Main Screen


    TV Tuner (Built in to Nav Unit)

    Power Mate

    Nav Interface

    PC in Center Console

    I will post a video of the PC in use soon. Thanks!

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    Very cool.