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Nissan SR20VE Primera 2001 car pc, phase one complete

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  • Nissan SR20VE Primera 2001 car pc, phase one complete

    Nissan Primera 2001
    Well I just got myself one of these, a nice 6 speed manual with the Neo VVL engine.
    spec sheet for it

    as you can see nice place for the screen, main issue will be working out what to do with the factory one, as i didnt look close before i got the car and its not an LCD panel like the 2002 on versions
    so it looks like ill be doing a relocate or something to it

    phaze one will be hook the pc into the factory loom via the cd changer input or something along those lines. then once im happy with the physical screen install and the pc, i'll look into making the audio a bit nicer too

    and i have no idea what the red button under the steering wheel is for

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    Originally posted by Woofnstuff View Post
    . . . I have no idea what the red button under the steering wheel is for.
    Be careful with that red button. The U.S. Air Force bought several of these to use as staff cars for F-22 Raptor pilots; they were equipped with a sunroof option, and that red button is for the ejection seat. It would be a very short ride without the sunroof.

    You might want to consider moving that ejection equipment to the other side in case you find a passenger irritating.

    Despite that issue, it's a nice looking machine, woofnstuff.
    If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

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      well the red button was a bypass so you dont have to have your foot on the clutch to start the car.

      I sourced a local version of the cd/tuner unit from a wrecker, it was out of a 2005 version of my car. so i now have the ability to tune in local radio stations without a band expander.

      Today I found someone who has a cd changer emulator for that head cd/tuner, it has ipod control and more importantly it has an AUX in for the pc.

      tonight I started the install tomorrow morning when its warmer outside ill finish phase one of the install. which is get the damn pc in the car and working so i dont have to listen to commercial radio.

      phase 2 will be the modding itself of the dash screens

      phase 3 will be improving the factory speakers and throw in an for them (this may happen before phase 2)

      the factory screen
      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF1970_resize.JPG
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Size:	90.1 KB
ID:	2275834

      lots of space to hide stuff under the dash
      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF2003_resize.JPG
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ID:	2275835

      found good supply of power for pc
      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF2004_resize.JPG
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        finished the install for now.
        the computer itself is under the passenger seat

        Intel D945GCLF2 Dual-Core Atom board
        250GB sata 2.5" seagate HD
        1Gb kingston DDR2 ram
        USB wifi
        genius-pc GP83 160W PSU
        morex case

        today was just a tidy up and run cables and make it look tidy as possible.
        I must say I love the dash in this car, i dropped a cable down for the GPS from the window and was able to get my hand up there easily and pull it thru.

        the test run

        the naked install

        it seems to run, yay

        GPS receiver

        Cables, and not a bit of noise from anything

        its all done