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1995 TS Mistubishi Magna Executive CarPC

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  • 1995 TS Mistubishi Magna Executive CarPC

    After much looking at other peoples projects and the prospect of having a whole computer at my fingertips while on the road caused me to start my install.

    This was to be a project on a tight budget.

    Firstly i sourced an old computer ($120). 2.4GHz Pentium 4 with 512mb Ram, 40gb HDD CD Drive and DVD Drive.

    Tried a Ubuntu linux install it was nice and quick but could get things running that i wanted and couldnt find a front end that i liked.
    Decided to go with a XP Home install. Loaded Road Runner front end on and then included the simplistique (thanks to this forum) skin. Next step was to get drivers and other things running (waiting on internet).
    Next ordered the screen. A cheap 7" touch screen thanks to ebay ($230) should be arriving within the next day or two. As well as that ordered an M2 ATX power supply with the times shut down procedure.
    Next step was to organise peripherals. Ordered a bluetooth dongle (tested front end on laptop and liked the phone feature - tested with centrafuse demo and assuming Road Runner is the same). As well as that looking at usb gps recievers. May also need to use my extrenal HDD for music.

    In the Car:
    Have modified the dash to accomodate the head unit and the screen. The head unit was moved down and the cigarette socket and electric mirror switch moved (visible in photos to come). This will allow the screen to fit.
    The idea behind keeping the head unit was to put off buying an amp till later. Also allows the radio and other HU features to be used and not always the pc (e.g. for short trips). If possible the screen will be removable so that i can use the headunit for music and passengers can watch a movie.

    Also have a spare wireless router lying around so am contemplating setting up a network. The router will be hard wired to the car pc and then i will be able to wirelessly access it from the laptop and upload data.

    Retaining the Headunit also allows me to use the functionality that the 4.5" touch screen has. This H/U has the ability to connect a reversing camera and a video input from the mp3 player or external ipod. I will wire it up in such a way that the HU screen will appear on the 7" screen when the pc is not in use. Bit complicated but makes sense in my head - will upload photos and more details when it happens.
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    BOOO!!! Looks like a WorkLog!!
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      Yeah, this looks like it should probably be moved to worklogs, but it looks like you've got some great ideas. I'd love to see some pics of it. I'm really curious to see how you're going to get the HU to display on your 7" touch screen.


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        Well i've finished the install. Sorted the wiring and sound so its all working. Next step is to remove the computer from the shoebox and mount it in a custom made enclosure under the seat. Also to come is to neaten up the appearance of the dash.

        In the photos it can be seen that:
        The headunit (which itself supports AV) is located below the screen. The current display in the image is the image that would normally be displayed on the MP3 player that is on the docking station beside the steering wheel.

        Not visible here (will take photos in daylight) is the button and LED arrangement located in the ash tray spot. It contains buttons for on, reset, and a keyed switch for power. it also contains an LED for power to the unit. An LED if it is on, and the HDD Led.
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          Dude, that's sweet!


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            I'm considering getting that screen.
            Any thoughts?
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