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F650 Mac Mini Install - Elite Ridez

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  • F650 Mac Mini Install - Elite Ridez

    Cool Mac Mini installs in F450 and F650! Custom Center consoles built to match factory interiors. Jobs turned out great and thought you guys would like to see. Check them out at

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    Well, just looking at pics is not enough for this site, I would think. You should post some specs at least, if not some indications on how it was done.

    Got say, I wouldn't do it like that. Specially the flip monitor in the middle. When closed, it looks unfinished, and the vents, what if you spill your coffee or soda in there? Since you have plenty of room, it should be always on show, closer to the one on the top.

    A tablet pc would work better in that location: touch screen+reflective, awesome vies, plus you can tilt the screen to the sides too. I would get rid of the red glob ASAP, it does not match either interior.

    It does look like you lose a lot of storage in that console for just a mac mini. You could fit a lot more electronics in there, or better, leave more storage and cup holders available. I mean, the mac mini could fit anywhere really (behind the dash, under the seat, under the storage on the center console), and leave the center storage untouched, if it was wanted. Put the mouse pad, keyboard, whatever on a custom lid only.

    Just one cupholder in the center console on the F450? two on the F650? I have three on the Sequoia, and I use it (not to mention those on the doors, etc.) (there always a bottle of water there no matter what). If it's a show car, than, okay, I guess. But if it's used to tow a boat or trailer, long trips, that hurts the convenience. Due to poor planning, IMHO.

    Just my .02c.
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      Imagine that!


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        Holy monster truck! That thing is HUGE.

        As far as the install, agreed it's probably not how I would've done it, but it's very clean, and very nicely done. Plus it's waaaay beyond my ability anyway I think it looks great.

        Now when are we gonna see some pics of car PCs in that Mustang or the Porsche?


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          Gotta say that's cool! Not a Ford guy, but that is a sweet ride.


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            Thanks for the compliments and the criticism! Don't see myself cutting up the Shelby or Porsche anytime!


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              C'mon man, by the looks of it you've got the skills to make one sick Shelby . But seriously, I totally understand; I'm somewhat reluctant to cut into my Camaro too (not to say I won't do it when I get the money, just gotta make sure it's done right and still looks good ), and those [Shelby/Porsche] are some sweet rides.

              Again, excellent work, and I hope my install turns out half as professional looking as yours!


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                Not a fan of the carPC installs- IMO it would have been a ton less work to just have a full blown laptop and docking station where you've put that massive roof mounted screen... and it would have (a) been removable for security (b) less complicated and therefore cleaner (c) more usable if you got a touchscreen model and you could have done without that trackerball!

                Also the finishing of the console looks a little too DIY to say it looks factory... The brown/tan leather looks much better than the textured black stuff without a doubt but it still reminds me of the interior of a 1950's speedboat, especially with the brass handle on the printer 'door' lol.


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                  For sure, the king ranch looks much better than the other one.
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                    So you didn't like my brass handle? Well some people may be into month long projects, but myself, I like to keep them short and simple. Keep in mind that this project, start to finish, took about 4 days. Yes I could have had a custom billet handle with matching hinges and blah blah blah. But my project is done! Fully functional and I'm sure the next one will be better!


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                      Don't think many spend more than a working week on fairly complex installs, mines nearly 60-70% complete and I've spent in man hours:

                      6-8 hours parts and materials (reading reviews, seeking advice & purchasing parts/materials)
                      4 hours on software customisation inc VFD displays etc
                      3 hours on centre console fabrication
                      3 hours on custom acrylic PC enclosure
                      1.5 hours on custom MDF boot install to house PC enclosure, amps and sub.
                      est. 1 hour on finishing boot install in matching carpet material
                      est. 1.5 hours on paint and finishing of centre console
                      est. 3 hours on wiring loom
                      est. 2 hours on refining software after install if required

                      So in hours that's only about 3 and a half working days without any of the right tools and a massive learning curve lol.

                      As for the brass handle, there's tons of alternatives which IMO would have looked less office draw like, could have even used a push to release popper like you get with modern kitchen units etc and the hinges could have been hidden too.

                      Did you take time to research the equipment you purchased or the screen options? I spent the majority of my money on the screen as this is the week point in all car pcs!

                      At the moment my rig is:

                      Intel Core 2 Duo E5200 2.5Ghz
                      Zotac Mini-ITX nVida 9300-ITX w/ WiFi
                      1GB DDR2 PC5300 Memory (only 512MB active to reduce hibernation times)
                      160GB SATA 2.5" Notebook HDD
                      M2-ATX-HV DC-DC PSU
                      Belkin Bluetooth USB Dongle
                      Globalsat USB GPS
                      Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard (Folds in half, alloy construction)
                      USB 3G Wireless Broadband Modem (Broadband anywhere!)
                      LinITX 7" Widescreen TRANSFLECTIVE VGA/Composite with Touchscreen
                      20x4 VFD (White text on blue)
                      Dynatron P12G Socket 775 P4 Passive CPU COOLER (Doesn't even need a fan!)
                      Stainless Steel LED Illuminated Ring Push Button
                      Dark Tinted Acrylic Case with Light Tinted Acrylic Side Panel/Window
                      80x80x15mm 17db 21CFM Silent Running Fan (Isn't needed but it's there anyway)
                      Reverse camera build in to the boot release button (central to car and out of view but provides perfect image of what's behind you!)

                      I think that's about it so far, will be adding to it shortly though but that's what I've got to get the project running.

                      As for custom laser cut acrylic and machined alloy parts... that'll come when either tools or someone with the tools arrives! :S

                      Pics to follow when I find my cables! Place is a mess since I started this LOL.