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99 Ford Ranger XLT slide-out LCD on a budget

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  • 99 Ford Ranger XLT slide-out LCD on a budget

    *Edited, cleaned for updated log coming soon

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    This is very innovative. And I like innovative. However I have one suggestion: in addition to adding a faceplate, do you think there is some way you can hide that big open space when the LCD is pulled out? I also have one question: what keeps the screen up in that position? Thank you.


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      very tight screws that are threaded into the brakeline... i think once i squirt some dynatron in the threads and let it dry the screws wont back out. (i dont have threadlocker, but a test run shows me the dynatron works better anyway)

      i didnt plan on covering up the hole when the screen is out. im painting the inside structure black, so it wont be very noticeable anyway. one idea i did have was to put a blue cold-cathode light inside there, so when you pop out the screen it comes out of a blue lit cave

      the faceplate is done, it turned out pretty damn good. its going to look like a giant cupholder or dash drawer once its done... ill post more pics tonight, its finally starting to look smooth and nice. almost ready for final paint.


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        That's actually not a bad idea... you said the faceplate is already done, but perhaps you could've made it to actually function like a cupholder for when the screen is closed.


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          could you rephrase that? what do you mean by making it work like a cupholder?.. like have another part pop out for cups while the lcd is still parked inside?


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            You could shape the handle in such a way that it holds cups, but would still function as a handle.


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              ah i see what youre saying now. that would actually work... and actually i can do that at any time, the handle i made for it already attatches with two screws, its not even mounted right now because i dont want it painted (brake line again, looks perfect unfinished). i could just buy a nice looking double cup holder and bolt it right on...

              the way it looks now is nicer though, but the cupholder idea would throw everyone off.


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                well on my second to last coat of primer, i bumped the bezel with my hand, put a big smudge in it and knocked the faceplate/tray right off the garbage can.... into the dirty driveway.

                but its looking pretty good. ill sand this down and prime it once or twice more, im almost out of primer anyway.

                tomorrow will surely be paint. using high temp grill/engine paint, black. i have seen it before on this forum, and it appeared to be an extremely oem looking finish...


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                  as described, it does seem to be leaving a finish that looks very much like the rubberized oem look

                  there is about 4 coats on it now, ill probably go until the can is almost empty.

                  this stuff dries incredibly fast too... i cant even get a full coat on it before it flash dries. i litterally could just shoot the whole can at once, but im waiting 20min between coats just to be safe.

                  i dropped the spraypaint cap onto the faceplate, making a small gouge in the paint. i dont think i ever mentioned, im a horrible painter and really have no business doing anything that involves 'finish' work.


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                    The finish on the bezel looks great. It does look OEM. What kind of paint did you say you used?


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                      rustoleum high heat grill paint. its very nice stuff apparently, rated to 1200deg.. and even though my black truck gets hot in the summer, i think im safe

                      there is quite a few blemishes in the bezel still, but you cant even really see them in the pics, even if you size them up to original.


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                        Man, I'm gonna get me some of that paint for my project (if/when I get to work on mine)!


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                          any suggestions to make it harden up quicker? it seems fine of course, but i know if i accidentally scratch it (like i already have countless times) it will leave a gouge. it will take at least a couple weeks of sitting in the hot dash to make it really durable, and maybe thats just the best thing to do.


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                            here it is finished. i need to let it sit for a few more days before i install it, it still scratches fairly easily... and ive already screwed up the finish enough.

                            i had to cut out more of the opening, after primer and paint it simply didnt fit. it was an unfortunate mistake, because its not as nice as it was... but its still plenty nice enough

                            i put clear shipping tape on the faceplate and any place that can rub and scratch, as you can see if you look closely... we'll see how long that holds up (i foresee the tape turning yellow and making it looks like CRAP)


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                              that is some amazing work, it looks really good. I have entertained this idea in my car for a while, however I dont think it is possible in my setup.

                              Have you test fitted the touchscreen with the cables in place because I am looking at it and it seems like it would be difficult to push and pull the tray out once the wires are in place...

                              just a though