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1991 Fiat Uno 1.5 SX

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  • 1991 Fiat Uno 1.5 SX

    Hi guys,

    To introduce myself; My name is Javier and I am from Holland.

    I am driving a Fiat Uno for about 6 years now. My first one was a Fiat Uno 1.4 without any mods, just some rimms and a 'performace' grill, that was it.
    I crashed the car on the back of a Volkswagen so that was the end of the story.

    A few weeks later I purchased a Fiat Uno 75 SX (1.5l) from a fellow Fiat Uno Club member. I drive this car for about 2 years now. I had it welded because it was quite rusty, but thats all taken care of now.

    About a week ago, another fellow CarClub member noticed me that his car is being sold in parts. This Uno is equipped with a CarPC with a build-in 7" lilliput display in the dash. I started my own CarPC project but being to lazy I never finished it.

    Last week this club member and me removed the CarPC from his car, including the leather seats and build it into my Uno.

    The CarPC specs are currently;

    - Asus A7V400-MX, with AMD 2400+ sempron, 1GB PC2700 ram
    - 40GB 2.5" IDE HDD.. Soon to be replaced by 250 or 500 GB SATA
    - 7" Touchscreen Lilliput monitor
    - WiFi
    - No gps controller YET (waiting for Centrafuse 3.0).

    A couple of pics, I did NOT build this CarPC myself. I just enhanced it bit where i thought was possible, neither did I mod the dashboard, it was just a swap

    Anyway, I thought it would be cool to add some photos of my current car;

    For now i still have some issues with the sensivity of the touchscreen. I reinstalled Windows and installed the latest drivers for the Lilliput, but sometimes if I press the screen, the mousepointer reacts 2cm to the left.

    Thats irritating when you want to push on start or somewhere else in Windows. When I calibrate the screen all is ok for a couple of days, after that it starts to fade off again. Maybe any1 know what this may cause?

    Thanks for reading


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    Nice Job man! but that mac? eewwww
    If its not broke, try and fix it.
    My First Carputer


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      Originally posted by Scrambles View Post
      Nice Job man! but that mac? eewwww
      Nothing wrong with Mac, I am an Apple Service Engineer, so I might build a Mac Mini some day in my car

      Thx for your reply