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    Had some time today to try and rotate the Lilliput 7" lcd screen in the second monitor. Not to easy without cutting the case so the board will fit. Decided not to do it, went to my home computer which has a nvidia controller and it allows you to rotate display. Rotated the display and movies play good. There are other software out there which would do the same thing. Eeerotate and irotate, both are freeware and if the new video card doesnt work as planned will try these programs.

    Here is a list of parts ordered.
    VGA PNY VCGFX522PEB 5200 256M PCI 39.99 + $10 mail-in-rebate
    USB 2.0 Extension Cable A MALE /A FEMALE Cable 10 ft $2.99 (extend touch utility)
    Dynex 10 Ft VGA PC Monitor Extension Cable $9.99

    Wanted to find a 9 pin mini din to extend the wire without extending 2 but could not come across one in a short time.
    Gonna mount the screen on the ceiling, trying to see a clean and nice way to do it so it flips down.

    taking pics and will post when done.
    01 Burb