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A lot of time, and Money but so is every addiction {Pics from my 3 different builds)

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  • A lot of time, and Money but so is every addiction {Pics from my 3 different builds)

    Here are some shots from my Camputer [2005 Black Toyota Camry]. Although this is the third iteration. Each one has been a learning experience as I always push the boundaries a little further

    Thing I have installed
    Windows XP running on a 1.2 GHZ core duo laptop [Ver 1, Ver 3]
    MAC OSX [Ver 2]
    iguidance 4
    Ride Runner 9/22/09 [running Elite 1.6]
    Streetdeck 2
    OBDPro OBD2 USB device running Elmscan/palmerscan dashcommand
    USB GPS dongle
    600 gb external WD mybook
    80 gb internal
    USB broadband dongle [AT&T]

    I want to install a good mike which was my impetus to purchase Streetdeck for voice command capabilities. Also a Backup cam and integrated Radar detector.

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    "Camputer - 2005 Toyota Camry LE"

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      I must say, I'm very impressed.
      I live in your area, and am trying to do the same thing in an '07 Camry. Any advice you'd like to leave behind??
      All systems are a go...
      Currently in "tweaking" mode.

      The Worklog


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        I know that bybyte has the bezel for the07&-up camry

        only advice that I can give seriously is if you can get your hand on a copy of symatecs ghost 11 after you build out your machine the way you want make an image just cast of hardware failure. I.e. a harddrive crashing or Windoze bsod issue you can skip the panic and just re-image your box. also if you haven't purchased a car pc I would buy the Fanless car pc from stor and the carnetix 2140. Most imporntantly use this resource, ther are a great bunch of guys up here who are very helpful and knowledgeable.
        "Camputer - 2005 Toyota Camry LE"