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My 2004 Ford F-150 install

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  • My 2004 Ford F-150 install

    Here is my project from last year. This is actually my 2nd "truckputer", the first one was waaay back in 1987. I wanted to keep it simple and get the most bang for my buck. I also wanted to go back to stock pretty easily. This replaces the stock ashtray in my F-150, there was quite a bit of room for the PC behind it.

    System Specs:
    Intel mini-itx w/ 1.6GHz Atom 512MB RAM
    80GB PATA HDD(pull from 4yr old dead laptop)
    Crystalfontz CFA635 LCD
    USB WiFi adapter
    Ubuntu 8.10 Server OS
    M3-ATX power supply
    Custom enclosure

    Custom UI for LCD: Frontend for mpg123, asterisk, and wifi
    OpenVPN to home network over WiFi
    Asterisk for VoIP

    Construction/Install Pics

    MB and templates for mounting and faceplate.

    Fiberglass mold for LCD faceplate.

    Faceplate out of mold.

    Case assembly (mostly fiberglass)

    Faceplate assembly (contains LCD, mic, power switch and HDD LED)

    Finished faceplate, layup of 1 ply of carbon fiber just to try to match the OEM faux CF interior trim.

    Finished case assembly

    Completed, ready to install

    Enclosure - rear

    FM Modulator for audio thru factory stereo

    Enclosure installed

    Completed installation
    '07 G35 Coupe (2009)
    '04 F-150 (2008)

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    Love the simple, yet expandable setup. love the lcd what kind of it? how did you make the buttons?

    2001 Kia Optima, V6 4matic fully loaded SE W00t! soon to have a Car pc.


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      Originally posted by Mage View Post
      Love the simple, yet expandable setup. love the lcd what kind of it? how did you make the buttons?

      Thanks, expandability is what I had in mind. I had planned for a "stage 2" with a touch panel LCD that would pop-up under the bin on the dash. Yet still be able to control most of the apps (music player,etc) with the crystalfontz display.

      The LCD is a CrystalFontz 635. The buttons are integrated with the LCD on the pcb. You get the button states by sending commands to the controller. The display worked really well. I thought I would have problems with the display washing out in the heat of the summer, but I had no problems at all.
      '07 G35 Coupe (2009)
      '04 F-150 (2008)