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1984 Renault Fuego 8" laptop carpc

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  • 1984 Renault Fuego 8" laptop carpc

    Hi, I'm Nelson of Argentina, I have a Renault Fuego 84

    and install a CarPC build with a notebook HP Omnibook X3, a lcd 8" and some things more.

    The text is translated by google, so I apologize if something is not understood. I make a summary of foulbrood did, and it was hard work.

    First, a picture of the notebook with the screen broken, so the idea of using it for the project:

    After disarming the whole note, cut the base to the minimum required:

    With an aluminum, assemble the base and lid:

    add some connectors, the idea is to use the minimum number of connectors:

    and this is the finished base with all placed:

    Then comes the cover, which bears the keyboard and touchpad

    some cuts in the middle

    A little ingenuity and hammer in hand

    The case paint ready to send

    After painting, all armed

    As I can not tuchscreen screen, I monitored via a joystick, so this:

    step to this:

    and finished this one:

    Now follow the screen is a little big and not within the dashboard, so I had to make a stand, and by the way, I can easily extract:

    Testing support in paper

    And from paper to aluminum

    testing set

    After painting, testing in the car

    working ok:

    And this is the idea to place a keyboard

    Missing a lot to do and add, now I'm working on a new control, which publishes in the relevant section when completed.

    We also publish the skin, which I did based on the Elite lite 1.1 and take some things from other skins, I did this especially to be used without touchscreen.

    In youtube some videos

    If you want to see the complete work, visit my website there are several that did, including the first mp3 in 2000, and since the beginning of D

    My Site:
    Renault Fuego 84 Carpc & full worklog

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    Some pictures of the skin:



    Audio Player:

    Mixer and Equalizer:

    File copy:




    My Site:
    Renault Fuego 84 Carpc & full worklog


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      Very Clean perfect work ,
      Good luck with your project .
      This is my Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero 2004 carputer project


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        Nice frontend skin. Nice work altogether. So where did you end up placing your keyboard?
        "Live Free!!!...It's all about Open Source"
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          Thanks, I have enough work, I only put a summary here. The idea is to put the keyboard on the hood, there would be disarmed and looks good. I am currently putting together a control with a rotary encoder, parts of mouse and joystick USB Type playstation. Soon photos on the forum "inputs"

          My Site:
          Renault Fuego 84 Carpc & full worklog


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            Or perhaps keep the vents and the knobs on the sides and mount the screen in portrait down the middle? That may look even cooler!