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White Toyota corolla 2002 carpc

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  • White Toyota corolla 2002 carpc

    Hi there.

    This is my amateur Carpc installation.

    toyota corolla 2002

    parts for the carpc:
    asus M3A78-EMH HDMI mother board
    AMD AM2 4850e CPU
    seagate 160GB 7200RPM Hard disk
    Audigy2 sound card
    M2 PSU
    Lilliput 629GL monitor
    power mate (Doesn't shown in the pic)

    Took about half a year to complete, first time I do carpc job.
    didn't had much free time.

    the full blog is here

    its in Hebrew so here the translate version:


    movie I made before the LCD was installed:
    you can see the roadrunner works there.
    Maybe one day I switch to centrafuse for my carpc.

    Ill be glad for comments...

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    First time Fabricating? that lcd panel could use some work, other than that good job!
    If its not broke, try and fix it.
    My First Carputer


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        yeah I know.
        this was indeed my first time, and worst thing I had to do it on my own cause I don't have any friends knowing anything about this :/.

        Any way I love it


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          ^^Here's a little advice. When working with bondo or filler product, make sure you use less and work layer by layer.

          You could simply take it out, sand the extra bondo, then check the fitting at each layer. It's pretty time consuming I agree, but you'll be proud of yourself when it'll be all done.

          Looks like you need some more sanding, if I look at the picture, but it is doable.

          What you could do is...
          First: remove the bezel from the car
          Second: Tape the surrounding of the bezel which is actually the dash with Masking tape (two layer at least)
          Third: reapply some bondo in the cracks and uneven area (apply some thin layer and make sur the bondo is filling all the cracks and small holes
          Fourth: Let the **** dry
          Fifth: Remove the tape and bezel carefully, bring this inside and SAND IT with some 80 grid paper
          Six: Use a dremel or knife to cut the extra bondo that went on the tape(dash)

          Repeat step 5 & 6 until it fits right in....

          Then it's a process of SANDING and filling the holes, when you'll get the shape you want, pass to the 220 grid sand paper and make sur to make your shape EVEN on every sides and get a good clean shape, u can still add some Bondo at this step, but apply some small amount each time.

          ADVICE: use some gray primer to discover all the imperfections. The primer will show the small holes and you'll be able to see the uneven spots!!

          When you get this done...pass to the 1000 grid paper and sand all the bezel. You could check on google for WET SAND, this will give you a nice smooth finish.

          AT THE END! Prime the hole bezel, then buy some FLAT BLACK engine ENAMEL PAINT.

          Sand with some 1000 grid between each Paint coat!

          hope you understand something
          VmtSquad - I sold my soul to Honda!
          Final Install
          CarPC progress: 95%


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            Wow sure big reply
            Thanks for the guide, I understood it completely.
            But I don't think I'm going to fix it any time soon, this part was surly the hardest :/ don't want to feel it again.

            One day I will take it out, and make it fit right in like you said, with no cracks this time.
            If Ill show a picture with a closer look on it you'll see there is enough of them.
            + I will cover all of the LCD from above.