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  • 2001 Mustang GT

    Bigger is always better when it comes to screens, so that is what i did....not easy getting a 10" touchscreen in there, but it is do-able and it is much easier on the eyes.....still a lil fine tuning left to do...let me know whatcha think
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    very nice..
    how did you get your air con to work??
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      wow, looks great, how you liking the EQS746? i got one for my build


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        aircon is not finished yet....thats my next project and am a anxious to complete it....i moved the HVAC controls to the glove box which will house servos,etc as far as the EQ, its almost a necessity, especially if you like having to control volume....i use it as a preamp as well for HD radio, if the computer goes down for any reason, at least i can have radio! ill get some more pics up soon


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          YEAH!! I like it a lot... But is it useable at all when mounted in this angle? I mean, movies are in 16:9 or 4:3 though, and most of the software only supports a normal aspect-ratio?

          Or am I wrong? Can you split the screen to run the controlling part on top, and navi below?


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            not a problem with splitting the screen at all for any with my front end and will work with Aircon....the only issue you have to worry about is the viewing angle from the passenger side when rotating the dont want a glare for sure...i spent alot of time researching screens and i finally got it right! The touchscreen works great with all apps but the voice control with Loquendo Susan is amazing, it freaks people out with the talking car! The nav is built into the frontend (roadrunner) but if i wanted to split the screen with the top a front end and the bottom Nav, it would be just fine! I use Irotate so the software boots up rotated....all videos, etc work well in issues whatsoever!


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              Thank you for the answers.
              It is too bad that you only have 3 pictures of it. Please upload some more, if you have.

              Hav you embedded the aircon control in the car-pc and front-end? How?


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                let me clarify the "splitting the screen"...its so easy....when my computer boots up, it displays just as in the picture above, with roadrunner on top and Aircon below....all i did is create a shortcut in the starup folder for both programs to boot at can easily modify the size of each skin and the placement in the gen.ini file in roadrunner and i believe the .cfg file in aircon ....its so easy a caveman can do it! Ill get more pics up soon, but my 10" screen is an ominous presence in my mustang!


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                  I've gotta say, I am in love with that big screen. It fits the dash perfect!

                  I am getting ready to do an install on my 99 GT (35th Anniversary Edition). I have a few questions on your install.

                  Do you have your hvac controlled by your pc? If so, how? Are you using a servo board, or something different.

                  Did you have to do much cutting behind the dash to fit the larger screen, or just on the bezel?

                  Do you have the Mach sound system? I am assuming that this is what the EQ is for, but thought I would ask.

                  Thanks very much in advance, Craig


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                    to fit the 10" screen, you pretty much have to gut the dash....then you have to fuse the gear shifter and radio bezels and then figure out a way to secure it......i moved a/c controls to glovebox for now, to do that i had to extend a few hoses, but it was rather easy. HVAC controls are not integrated as i do need a servo board. I emailed Mastero to see if he is still building them, but havnt heard anything yet so i need to have a backup (maybe Phidgets). Ill keep updates as i go on the HVAC. The preamp/EQ controls audio from my computer and HD radio....if computer goes down for any reason, i can switch to HD radio. Im running an ECS p4 3gz board with an M4 power supply and it has worked flawlessly. I would highly recommend the M4 for a larger board and faster computer especially if you are running voice, bluetooth, video, etc my system works about flawlessly....i will post more pics ASAP with different skins i have configured!


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                      Ok, keep me updated. I am really wanting to add the same size screen to mine, I think that is awesome, I just want to be able to go back to stock if for some reason I ever decide to sell her. I doubt I will, but just want to have the option.

                      I had planned on buying a replacement bezels so that I can cut and mold them, and save the factory pieces for down the road.

                      Keep us updated on the hvac as right now it is the only hangup I see. I am tearing into mine right after christmas, and will be brainstorming a bit too. I had assumed a servo board would have to be used, I was just hoping to find someone who had already completed the task.

                      These mustangs are moneypits arent they? lol. Worse than my Jeep.


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                        heres a few more not a great photographer, but hopefully you can see what ive done........

                        as far as the dash is concerned, if you are not ready to gut the dash, then you wont be able to fit a 10" screen. I had to cut out the metal framing. It was well worth it!
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                          Originally posted by Treyfsu7 View Post
                          heres a few more not a great photographer, but hopefully you can see what ive done........
                          Very nice.
                          2008 Ford Mustang GT/CS CARPC(99%)
                          Software: Ride/Road-Runner, Digital FX skin 5.x, iGuidance 2011, GPSgate on Win7 64bit


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                            Just out of curiosity, did you finish the climate control part of the install?

                            I am ordering peices, and doing some bench testing for mine, and am kind of on the fence on which screen to get. I will be opting for the 10" but I am a bit leary as I am not 100% sure I can get the hvac interface to work.

                            If there is still no work on a servo board, then I may just have to design my own. But still, something i want to complete before taking a dive on such a large screen.


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                              10" screen

                              i still havnt gotten around to the a/c system......its still located in my glovebox. I never got a message back from Mastero as well regarding his USB servo controller.......if you plan on doing something, let me know as i would definitely be interested in it, but for now i still have no computerized a/c control.........the 10" screen is still awesome and working fine!