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PicoTFT integration in roof-light-dash.

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  • PicoTFT integration in roof-light-dash.

    Hi guys.
    Just added a screen to my collection in the car. This time it is a 3.5" screen, that is integrated in the roof-light-dash.

    The pictures shows the process. Hope you like, I do...

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    Beautifull work!! I would of prefered sticking to grey though
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      i can see the front/rear screen redundancy, but why have both front displays (upper/lower) show the same thing?? or maybe this feature will be coming soon.
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        Thanks for the comments.

        pcpete: Agree! At present it seems non-matching that it is black. But the ceiling will be covered in black PVC leather, and the rest of the dash will be customised with some homemade LED lights, so it will be black too, when done....

        firstorbit: the screen have 2 video-inputs, so at present it shows either the car-pc picture or the rear-cam.
        But it IS completely unnecessary to have that many screens. I just think it looks cool, and I like to make such CSTM projects.

        Also this car is going to be a demo car for my company, so it HAS to be unusual and a little high-tec-space-looking...


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          looks like someone who knew what they were doing. awesome!


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            Nice fiberglass work! The 3.5" display looks pretty readable for it's size. Where did you get it?
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              Cirrus: yes, it is. It's resolution is 480 x 234 so it is actually the same than many of the 7" screens around here. Even normal text can be readed on it.

              I bought a bunch of them for my CSTM installs some time ago, from a manufacturer of rear cams, pico monitors and such.


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                any link to manufacturer website??