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A-piller 2.5" tft integration

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  • A-piller 2.5" tft integration

    Hi guys.

    As you may know, I like to have many screens integrated in my car.
    As for now I have 4 different sizes, including the 8" touchscreen, that controls it all.

    This photoalbum shows the process of my picoTFT 2.5" integration in the A-pillers.
    It is ONLY for the show, and "wow"-effect, which is why the mounting angle of the screens, is straight with the car.

    This is the only car AFAIK that has built in monitors in the A-pillers.. I like it. hope you do too...

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    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Great looking... and very professional look...

    "Most of the users you'll see in this site are still learning specially me"


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      Interesting idea.

      And looks well done.

      I know it's just in there for the wow affect but I would have done it so they are angled towoards the driver and hooked up to some cameras that would show a side view, kind of like the side mirrors show, but to cover what they don't see. Plus if the car was in reverse (or less that 5MPH) they would show the view from cameras that point staright down so youo can see where the kerb is when parking.

      Dammit, that's another project idea to add to my list.


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        Thank you guys for the comments.

        Enforcer: You're not the only one saying this.
        The case is that this car is going to have 3 seperate car-pc's integrated, each controlled by its own touchscreen. There will be 2 touchscreens integrated in the center-dash and 1 in the ceiling.

        Besides this there will be 3 rear cameras, and a lot of picoTFT screens. Så there WILL be more than one screen showing the different angles outside the car.


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          Could you please make a tutorial on how you do these? It looks absolutely flawless!
          I'm inspired.


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            Punky: Thanks...

            What exactly is it that you miss? It is like some kind of photo-tutorial I think.
            Is it some text describing the process you need? Or just some describing of the materials used?