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CSTM fibreglass speaker-doorboards

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  • CSTM fibreglass speaker-doorboards

    Hi guys.

    Didn't know where to post it, as it is not directly related to car-pc's. But I'm sure the process will show some useable tips on how to work with the materials.

    This is my 1993 Carina E, which has been upgraded in many ways.
    The process shows how I built in a set of Rainbow Vanadium Profi Line 3-way component speaker system in the doors.

    The placemnent and angle of the midrange speaker isn't the best -I know. But it sounds pretty OK anyway.

    Materials used: MDF sheet 12mm, Polyester resin + hardener, stretch sheet (the cheapest type from the local bedclothe company), fibreglass matt, polyester bondo, contact adhesive, PVC leather (vinyl).
    Tools: My lovely Dremel, and a jigsaw....

    Here we go...

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    they look great! where did you get the vynal to put over it? I need to cover my glass door panels instead of having them just painted.


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      OMFG this is an excelent work !!! This is not your first job, right? How many time will take it ?
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        Outstanding craftsmanship. Your fabrication skills are over the top. You made that look soo easy.

        Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to more of your posts.
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          outstanding, ive always wanted to try something like this! dont quite have the marbles to try this yet!


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            Hi guys.
            Thank you so much for the comments.

            About the vinyl, is is from a Danish store called "Stof2000". It is pretty inexpensive, about 10usd for 1x1.4 meter. It is also called "PVC leather"/"artificial leather". I'm sure you can find in any store selling cloth and equipment.

            No, this is not my first time. I have been making such installs for a long time.
            This project tooks about 25 hours /each side.