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Apple TV installed a 1999 SC400

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  • Apple TV installed a 1999 SC400

    Here's my first post at MP3Car.

    I chose to use an Apple TV in my SC400, not exactly a traditional carputer, but with some minor software modifications it provides a decent amount of functionality with a very clean interface. The only downside is that there is no touchscreen control, but for me that's fine as the Apple TV's remote is very user friendly. Also I prefer to have a traditional Navigation/Radio so the Apple TV works out perfectly.

    The car:

    AVN-5510 Navi:

    Alpine 12" Type R:

    The installation of the Apple TV was fairly straightforward. The components used for the install were an Apple TV, power inverter, Jobsite IR repeater(operates off 12 volts DC), component to composite video adapter(from, ground loop isolator, and several sets of well shielded RCAs for audio and video to the Eclipse Navigation unit. The Apple TV is installed in the location of the factory amplifier and cd changer. To mount the equipment I cut a piece of 3/4" MDF to fit the corner of the trunk and used wire ties for the Apple TV for easy removal in the future. The install turned out pretty clean considering the amount of components that needed to be installed. The IR receiver is mounted to the right of the navigation unit just below the glove compartment.

    To cover the factory changer opening I fabricated a matching cover for the opening that can be removed for easy access to the Apple TV. Here's a picture with the trunk still partially disassembled.

    Here's a picture of the Apple TV booting.

    And a picture in the song selection menu.

    The Apple TV works really well, the only downside is my Eclipse Nav unit's low resolution display that can make some small text hard to read. It also is currently set to boot when the car is on and takes about 20 seconds to start up which is pretty reasonable and the Apple remote works great with the Jobsite IR repeater.

    Soon I will be changing the AVN5510 for a Pioneer AVIC-Z110bt to have a nicer resolution display and a bit more up-to-date interface.

    Here are a couple videos of the Apple TV in action. What appears to be lag in the menu system is actually just me trying to balance the camera and use the remote at the same time. Also, the software side is still factory, I will be installing the web browser and Boxee soon for additional functionality.


    In operation showing song search:

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    thats really clean, love it!


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      Finally got around to installing my AVIC-Z110BT. Which has a much better display for the Apple TV. I was a little nervous about getting a Pioneer, had an AVIC-D1 along time ago and it was nothing but problems, but I was surprised at the quality and speed of the unit. The menu system is very responsive, the display is amazing, and audio quality is very good.

      Anyways posted below are a few pics of the unit in action and a couple close-ups to show the screen quality. Sorry, the photo quality isn't the best.

      Z110BT main menu:

      Apple TV displayed along with the Apple remote:

      The old display for comparison:

      And the new one:

      Here's a picture of the navigation screen showing building outlines:


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        thats is awesome stuff.

        & probably cheaper then getting a mac mini... i been wanting a mac mini in my car but i think this is the route i wanna go.


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          absolute genius! i wanted to go the mac mini route as well, but this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more suitable for my travels and my pocket book!


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            Thanks for the compliments! My next project will be doing a few software upgrades and cleaning up the installation in the trunk, it's not quite as clean as I would like, but I only had about 3 hours to do the whole install. Soon, I'm going to cut a new piece of MDF and paint/cover it, use a compression tool to create shorter RCA cables, and make a new mount for the Apple TV. I'll post some pics then.


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              To ask a question on an old thread..

              How do you use the remote?? If the ATV is in the boot?

              I ask because I'm looking at setting something like this up in mine at the moment and will come across the same issue!


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                and the Apple remote works great with the Jobsite IR repeater.


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                  Paying attention failure. Thankyou! Lol!


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                    How much did the double din run you? And how much functionality do you actually get out of the Apple TV? I mean I see that you have music/video coming from it, but is there anything else that it can do? (i.e OBDII, internet browsing, gaming, etc)
                    "It's not worth having if you can't customize it"


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                      That is really nice. Does it feel weird using the remote while your driving? I never really used them with my stereo's.