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2005 Scion tC

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  • 2005 Scion tC

    I have had this in for a while but its always a work in progress. Heres some picks:

    I recently installed Windows 7 still fixing a few glitches but enjoying it and I also put my seats back in and moved the computer, and amp off to the sides.

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    Here are the current and future stages of the carPC project:
    Stage 1(completed):
    Initial install of computer detailed in my car club forum post:

    Stage 1.5(completed):
    Moved computer and amp off of the sub box
    Upgraded to Windows 7
    New 7.1 surround sound audio card moved to arm rest

    Stage 2(in process):
    New hardware:
    Mother board changed to Jetway with onboard 5.1 audio and 6 usb slots info
    CPU changed to AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.9 GHz info
    2GB of RAM
    PCI Card adding 5 USB slots info
    Custom case (to be designed)

    Improvements with this stage:
    Faster processor speed
    More RAM for better multitasking
    New motherboard should boot much faster than old one
    Built-in audio card will allow 7.1 to be used elsewhere and free up a USB
    The number of USB slots will be up to 11 witch should eliminate need for hubs
    Cleaner install with easier access from custom built case

    Stage 3 (planning):
    New hardware:
    Double DIN Monitor for a cleaner dash info

    Improvements with this stage:
    Cleaner dash feel
    Current screen moved to either rear seats or on sub box
    This enables control of system from rear including music control, DVD control, navigation control, etc.
    Because I will have 2 sound cards I will have the ability to run music through main speakers with a DVD running through headphones in rear or set of purpose built show speakers next to subwoofer.

    This project will always be growing feel free to add suggested elements.