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Keyboard integration in sunvisor

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  • Keyboard integration in sunvisor

    Hy guys.

    Just integrated a nano USB keyboard in the sunvisor.
    Actually this is a temporary solution as I'm going to make some CSTM sunvisors in the future.
    I would like to have the keyboard placed "plane" with the sunvisor surface, but as this is the softest sunvisor ever, it is not an option at present.
    But it is pretty usable.

    The blue plastic is a standard PVC sheet bought from a car audio dealer.

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    good idea.


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      I dunno if it's a good idea or not...but nice work.


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        Originally posted by WuNgUn View Post
        I dunno if it's a good idea or not...but nice work.

        I was thinking the same thing. Props for the idea & work.
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          Please don't use it while driving


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            Wouldn't it by kind of awkward to type on? It seems like you would have to have your arms at a kind of uncomfortable position.


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              Thank you for the replies.

              Agreed...It is not optimized for typing text. What I use it for is naming folders, copy/pasting, and typing city/streets in navigation.
              AND...To be able to go in to the BIOS, and DOS of the system if needed.

              So it's a kind of "emergency" keyboard, just to be sure it IS available if needed....


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                i think its a great idea to use like you said. looks good. where did you get the vinyl?


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                  Liquid: Exactly. I use it a lot when typing streetnames in Cf. So it's great to easily flip down the sunvisor, and type.
                  The Vinyl is from a big cloth warehouse called "Peters Resthal". I'm sure you have similar in the US. It is just normal PVC leather/artificial leather...


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                    Looks okay... I like the clever idea. Has anyone seen or thought of using a keyboard from office printers? There's some HP's that have a push / pop-out mini-keyboard. I think it would be rather easy to remove them & the mounts and connect it to a carPC.