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2008 Ford Focus HB (European) --- ZST Project!

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  • 2008 Ford Focus HB (European) --- ZST Project!

    In two years I contuniusly improved my carpc system. And I want to share the final steps of my carpc.
    My first carpc case:

    And insideof it:

    It was very practical, cheap and fast! A little bit big though!!
    And my setup was like this:

    As time passed I thought that my trunk got really really small so I thought at least I could earn the space that carpc occupies. So I made my second case:

    And at night:

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    After a while I realised that huge woofers, low quality is not for me. I also needed more space in my trunk! I had eccessive amount of time to think since I was doing my military service (which is an obligation for men in my country ) and when I come back, I sold my whole system and bought:
    -Xenarc 706TSA monitor, M4-atx PSU
    -zotac mini itx board and intel core2 duo E6550 with low profile heatsink
    -32gb ssd hdd, 2x1gb 800mhz ram, hippo hi-fi usb dac, griffin power knob

    For sound system I bought:
    -JBL gti1000 and infinity kappa perfect 10vq as woofers
    -Infinity kappa perfect 6.1 component speakers
    -2 x JBL PX300.4 amplifiers
    -pioneer 6500eq equaliser
    -0 awg cable
    -stinger fuse block and chassis block

    And started my new project:

    I got rid of the spare tire and put my stuff in the hole! Just to be sure that my stuff would fit in there! :

    Then we made a panel that fits the spare tire space:

    then we copied the trunk carpet and cut a new one from MDF! :

    We cut it horizontally into half, to be able to access the amps without demounting the woofers. Then we opened some holes on it, just to be sure that our trunk is cool enough:


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      All holes are ready now! Its time to clothe it!

      We sticked the carpet to mdf with glue and used stamp to be shure that our trunk base is strong enough.

      Then we started lightening our base:

      Then we closed our holes with plexiglass.

      It will be seen in my trunk like this:

      We mounted all the stuff I own!! At last they are in my trunk:


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