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2005 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 Nismo

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  • 2005 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 Nismo

    Second installation in my second vehicle (See my other installation

    Parts List:


    -Acer Asipire One 8.9" 1.6ghz Netbook with the GMA950 Graphics Controller, Wifi, bluetooth, etc.. all the interfaces needed, enough horsepower to do the job.
    -Lilliput 840x480 LCD with LED backlighting @ 450nit Brightness (resistive touch screen, not capacitive[yet]) double din EBY701/629 framing mount
    -SIRFF III USB GPS Antenna
    -Bluetooth OBD2 interface
    -Arduino USB programmable board for controlling RGB ambient interior lights, turning on and off component's relays in/outside the truck, tap into temperature sensors, also could be used to be programmed to run the HVAC system... will take a while.
    -Plastic wire flume and wire fittings.
    -Some thin stainless steel to mount the computer inside the dash. USB Programmable DC-DC Power supply.
    -12v 17mAh Lead Acid Backup battery
    -12V 40 AMP solid state relay (to isolate the computer system's power from the truck's main power, computer will only rely on the small 12v Lead acid battery with key in OFF position)
    -USB Steering wheel control board to use my factory steering wheel controls.
    -Wire hardness to tap into the factory Rockford Fosgate amplifier's low level RCA inputs for full range audio, less cutting of wires, no messing with factory audio wire harnesses.
    -600w RMS Sony amp for subwoofers
    -Under rear-Seat dual 10" carpeted subwoofer box
    -Two Sony Xplod 350RMS 10" subwoofers

    -Garmin Mobile PC GPS Software
    -License for Centrafuse 3.0 Front end media system software

    These are all cellphone snapshots of the progress of the installation so far(i'll have more soon, maybe some demonstration videos too):

    The Truck:

    Soldering wires to the power button of the laptop's motherboard

    Installing the LCD into the double din mount bracket

    Getting all software installed and configured

    Taking the dash apart, hooking up the audio harness and RCA cables, zip tying wires, trying to make things look neat the best I can, installed computer behind the clime control unit in the lower dash:

    Getting the LCD installed and lined up with the dash stereo bezel, if you look real hard, you'll see where the computer is installed down lower inside the dash

    Closer Look

    Looking alright so far...

    Glare isn't terrible for a mid-daylight shot

    CB radio installation, got a 80watt 5" loudspeaker installed too for PA, ooo yeah.

    The rodeo, and the frontier:

    More soon, still waiting on my USB GPS antenna and USB Programmable power supply.
    Age: 18 | Car: Isuzu Rodeo 01 |

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    No comments eh ?

    Age: 18 | Car: Isuzu Rodeo 01 |


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      Looks immaculate, good job!


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        Nice work... jesus I wish my car came with a double din space, it makes life so much easier!

        Did you make the laptop removable?


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          Originally posted by TheGuv View Post
          Nice work... jesus I wish my car came with a double din space, it makes life so much easier!

          Did you make the laptop removable?
          lol, just cut a whole whatever size you want in the dash


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            Not quite as easy as that lol!


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              I like it. Looks really clean. Is the Acer powerful enough for you? I've got an eepc (not in my car ) and it doesn't do video well.


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                Looks nice and clean. Is that Anti-Flag on the first shot of the LCD playing Confused Youth?


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                  That is anti-flag haha!

                  The 1.6ghz and gig of ram does perfect.... does really good, i havent run into any problems at all with speed, CF3 is a POS compares to CF2 when it comes to performance in ANY machine, but, all is very functional, video is perfect, winamp visualizers work well with the GMA950, etc..

                  Nah, didn't make the laptop removable. Might put my extra Eee Box with the exact same hardware in it instead sometime, an extra netbook lying around would be nice to have.

                  Been a great installation though, really happy with it, Solid.

                  I highly recommend the programmable USB power supply from and the JoyCon steering wheel controls interface.
                  Age: 18 | Car: Isuzu Rodeo 01 |


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                    Your build gives me a lot of ideas if I ever re-do the build in my Xterra. Nice to know that the newer bybyte frames fit the dash opening properly now.