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Project in 95 Tahoe

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  • Project in 95 Tahoe

    I am pretty new to this whole car pc thing
    I have researched it for about a year so have some pretty good ideals on it
    Just never thought the hardware side would be this hard to figure out.

    Here is my setup

    I have a Valor indash DVD with 7" touchscreen.
    a Shark 7" touchscreen
    A Dell inspiron 1100 with the LCD removed Using VGA out to the Shark monitor.
    2.4 ghz
    1 gig of ram
    40 gig internal hard drive
    250 external portable hard drive
    Ipod Video cable going to switch
    So I can switch between all monitors running from the Carpc to the Ipod Touch
    2 7" monitors attached to the headrest for the backseat
    2 10" Rockfords with 1 farad cap and a alpine 400watt amp
    2 4x6 audio pipes

    windows xp pro
    running centrafuse --- Which I do actually hate the playlist feature on this program
    Internet from HTC Diamond turned into a wifi router --- Love this phone
    GPS receiver from HTC Diamond

    Only issue I have really had is the playlist feature in centrafuse stinks
    and the of course the power up and down is tricky

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    Picture 1



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      another picture of the Project

      This image just shows the Internet access and the weather
      I will be uploading a few more that show live TV on the PC also


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        ESPN Sportscenter in car befor work

        Ok here is what I did to get Live Cable TV in my Truck
        I installed a TV card into my home pc then hooked it to my cable.
        I then installed a program called Orb.

        Now from my CarPC all I do is goto the My Orb Cast website
        and launch live TV Works pretty good as long as you have a pretty good internet connection
        Which I mentioned earlier that I use a HTC Diamond as my wifi in my truck
        The wifi is strong enough that I can play Call of Duty modern Warfare 2 on xbox live with it.

        So here is the picture of SportsCenter


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          nice install !! im lovin da sports center lol , im in da process of installing my first car pc on a budget lol almost done , thanks for the tv tip


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            nice set up !! im doing a similar project n im having problems getting signal to headrest monitors how do u have urs set up ? and how are you pwering your pc ?


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              Why dont you like Centrafuse's playlist feature?