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1996 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

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  • 1996 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

    Had this system in my car for a few months now so thought it was high time I showed it off.

    The system is installed in the boot of my 1996 Nissan Skyline GTS-T, here's a before shot.
    Click image for larger version

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    To start off with I installed a Xenar 700IDT in dash touchscreen, as well as a JCV DVD head deck. Ignore the mess, these were work in progress shots!
    Click image for larger version

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    Next I installed a modified Playstation 2 with a 160gb internal hard drive. Using a program called HD Advance this allows me to boot .iso's straight off the hard drive rather than using discs. Some extension cables allow a controller to be plugged in up the front of the car. The cool thing about this one is that it has a network card on the back which is wired up to the car PC. New .iso's can be dumped onto the PS2 HD without the need to remove the system. Original discs can also be ripped to the HD too, this method is quicker but won't allow me to rip NTSC format games (this is a PAL system) so those have to be dumped onto the computer first and transferred across. Should be mentioned here that these are all originals, I own every game on the hard drive.
    This is powered by a 300W inverter. Again, these were work in progress shots so ignore the mess of cables and haphazard wiring.
    Click image for larger version

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    Now for the good bits! My car PC is running a Zotac 9300-itx motherboard, a Celeron 440 (Only a single core but has a very low TDP), 4gb of Kingston DDR2800 RAM, 320gb Seagate harddrive, powered by an M2-atx PSU in a Mo-Co-So case with a PCI slot. Just upgraded the OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
    This is mounted in a false panel in the boot. You can see the innards of the computer in the frist shot, the next is the carPC in the boot and the third shot shows all the trim in place.
    The boot is lined with Dynamat, and you can see my amps there as well. I have one powering the rear speakers, and an 800W Class D amp powering the subs (will get to those in a moment!). There's a 2 farad capacitor as well, I've seen a lot of debate about these being bandaid fixes etc. When the subs are cranked, they cause the headlights to dim. This solves that problem. At normal levels though, the cap isn't really needed.
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    Up the front there is a USB hub in the glovebox, and a slimline CD/DVD bruner under the passenger seat. Originally this wasn't getting enough power to run since the cable had to travel a good 4 metres, but i solved this by buying a USB cigarette lighter attachment, designed to charge phones etc. This has been modified to connect straight to the power supply in the car, and plugs into the CD drive. Cost all of AU$8. Simple solution!
    Click image for larger version

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    And here are the subs! 2 x Alpine Type R 12" in a custom built box. It's not much to look at, but it fits the boot perfectly and packs a lot of punch. Also requires 2 people to remove them, so good luck to any would be thief trying to get at the computer/amps! Or the idiot who needs to replace the tyre...
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    This has been a labour of love for a couple of weeks now so let me know what you think, thoughts, suggestions etc. Cheers guys and gals, and a big thanks to the community here for providing the resources, know-how and tutorials to make a lot of this possible.

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    Very nice install and car. How about a pic of the whole car ?
    My install:


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      thats a humongous box

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        looks good. id also love to see a pic of the whole car.
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          Can do!
          I've had this car for a few years now, in that time I've modified it a little, 18" Koya rims, hybrid front mount intercooler, Apexi PowerFC, and running 13psi. Will be replacing the turbo soon (hopefully!) and upping the boost.
          Thanks for the kind words
          Click image for larger version

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            Very interesting, I'm going to look into this HD Advance for my system. And very nice car! Those aren't yet legal in Canada.
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              Thankyou! The last pic is the most recent, you'll notice the plates are different because I moved interstate (though they've been editted anyways, those aren't the correct digits).
              Shame they aren't legal out that way, still at least you guys get the new R35 GTR, i would kill for one of those!

              Originally I purchased HD advance so that i could play NTSc games that weren't released out here (specifically Front Mission 4 and Grandia 3). Since you can boot off iso's and not discs though, it suits the car environment really well.
              You need an old fat style PS2, an IDE harddrive over 40gb and a PS2 network adapter (which are still holding their value surprisingly). You can get a USB version for slimline PS2's which i have tried but the compatibility is extremely low - i wouldn't recommend it.


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                wow. Where did your trunk go :P ? You have a second battery (I'm assuming that's the second battery), do you still need the cap?
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                  Originally posted by tripzero View Post
                  wow. Where did your trunk go :P ? You have a second battery (I'm assuming that's the second battery), do you still need the cap?
                  Actually that's the only one, the battery is in the boot which made wiring everything up so much easier. Really I don't need the cap, by the time the headlights are dimming from the power the subs are drawing your ears are practically bleeding


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                    where do you leave your beer? (and other groceries?)


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                      That's what the backseats are for


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                        hmmm, the face doesn't look OEM. Did you put on a kit?


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                          Intercooler is aftermarket, otherwise the front end is stock. It's a series 2 model, 1996 onwards they had that bumper, though the lower lip was optional.


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                            You are indeed one lucky man! I admire your car from its exterior and additional system (you should really show it off!!). The 18 koya rims is amazzzzzzzzzzzzing; it fits your GTS really well. You have a good eye in setting up your ride. The simplicity of your GTS allows it to stand-out even if some of you nissan parts are still stock. I wonder how your car is now. Hope to see recent pictures of it.


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                              can you tell me the model of the dvd/cd player that you're using.. i cant seen to find it anywhere thanks