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BMW e36 316i Asus eeePC 701 Carputer.

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  • BMW e36 316i Asus eeePC 701 Carputer.


    I tought i'd share my project with you.
    This is my very first attempt to build a carputer. I got this idea from this forum.

    Ok, firstly i write about my car. It is a BMW e36 316i from 1993. I bought this from my co-worker about 2 years ago. It has a weak engine, but i'm quite used to it, besides the insurance payment is quite cheap for me.

    Here are some pics:

    I'm a big fan of good and loud stereo, so this is what i've got right now:

    JBL GTO 7001 E 1-channel amp powering an Alpine SWR-1542D woofer @ 2 ohms. RMS is rated at 700 watts.

    Autostudio e80.4 4-channel amp powering a Hertz DSK165 speakers in back, and Hertz DSK 130 speakers in front + tweeters and added crossovers.

    Head Unit is from Panasonic. I can't remember the model name tough.

    One older pic from my trunck. It's missing an Autostudio amp.

    My Carputer.

    It's an Asus eee PC 701 4g. Got it brand new. It costs about 120$ dollars.
    Ordered a touchscreen overlay kit from eBay. The delivery time was delayed, but i got it eventually. I've also got a GPS reciever, external HDD and HDTV USB reciever, so i can watch TV in my car.

    Here is a pic of screen:

    I made it myself. It isn't perfect, but overall i think it turned out quite nice.

    The biggest issue for me was extracting LCD from motherboard. I didn't even try to extend the LCD cable, so i had to install the motherboard right behind the LCD. I don't have any pics about installing it into the car, but here is a small drawing about what i did:

    As you can see, i didn't have to extend LCD cable at all.

    Here is a small pic of the motherboard itself:

    And final result:

    I use Centrafuse 2.0 as my Front end program. I have embed a Garmin Mobile PC to use GPS and TotalMedia to watch TV (i've modded it quite a lot, to get it working). The HDD is ordinary 60gb SATA external. It can take a lot of vibration and bumps and can handle temperature drop. I built a small docking station for it to my glove compartment, so i can take it with me, when i leave my car.

    To power my carputer, i'm using a cheap 150w DC to AC converter plugged into a Asus original charger.

    That's about it right now. Feel free to comment.

    (sry, for my bad english)

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    nice clean install.

    2006 Mazda6 Carpc

    2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7


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      iam doing the same thang

      what did you do with the keys


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        Originally posted by citykidd View Post
        what did you do with the keys
        Car Keys? Well, nothing. My carPC doesen't depend on ignition switch. I mounted a switch on my dashboard, near gearknob, to turn my pc on and off.


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          VERY nice and u made sound very easy.. was it easy to remove the LCD from the laptop ?
          What did you with Audio and FM ?


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            Originally posted by war085 View Post
            VERY nice and u made sound very easy.. was it easy to remove the LCD from the laptop ?
            What did you with Audio and FM ?
            It was a bit work, but nothing complicated.
            My car cd player has an aux entry via RCA, so i just bought a Stereo-to-RCA cable and used that. Nothing special is made with the laptop's sound - I use the laptop's own soundcard. I haven't tought about FM yet.


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              I'm really thinking about doing it your way ! How about those touchscreen overlay kit .. is the touch screen sensitivity good ? what brand did u use?


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                Heat problems?

                Nice install. Do you have any problems w/ the asus getting too hot. I see you added a fan. Can you say anything about that?



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                  No, it doesn't get very hot. I've been runnig it for about 6 hours straight and the max temp. i got was 47 C. I haven't used that fan yet. I installed it just in case the MB gets too hot. What i did was that i removed all plastik frames attached to dashboard, behind LCD, and lifted the back side off the ground a bit (see my paint drawing) allowing air to flow under the eeepc.


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                    have you thought about using a car charger to power up your carpc instead of an inverter?


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                      That build looks great..How did you manage to get the PC to power on using a switch?


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                        I soldered 2 wires directly onto the motherboard's power button and installed a secondary switch.


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                          How did you move the heater/ac controls to the sunglasses area? do they use 'push rods'?? Are they working?

                          I want to do EXACTLY what you have done, but those temp controls is whats making me worried. Any help appreciated!


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                            did your climate control fit easily or you had to remove the panel apart ?


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                              it needed some work, yes. I had to take the climate panel apart and turn the cable mounts upside-down. I'm trying to find a how-to thread that i followed. If i find it, i'll post it here.