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  • Citroen Big Cat with a twitch

    Ok, it's time to get stearted with my 71 Citroen DSuper.

    I had this car for around year now. Last summer went pretty mutch at fixing the car itself but this winter i moved to the interiour and audio system.
    I got a set of 90'-something Citroen XM black leather seats that i am now fitting to my "Goddes" to replace the old and quite burlesk red 70īseats. So now i got electric seats
    I allso got original type door trims to match the seats and after some carpet and trimming it should look pretty nice

    To the car entertainment system, i started with an idea of set of NXT speakers. First I demolished a pair of Waferdale wallspeakers and made some tests with them. The result was awsome. Try search Youtube with "NXT exiter"...
    The idea is to make door panels sound without any cutting and basically have invisible speakers. Since NXT elements dont give lots of bass, i need a sub + perhaps some extra tweeters around the car. But result should be just i wanted. Not exactly HiFi but totally invisible system.

    To the headunit, i figured that normal Car CD would do the trick of playing CDīs but then again, why stop there?? I allways wanted to upload my music library from my home server directly to/from my car. You cannot do that with conventional car stereo. Yes, you can carry around USB sticks, but that would be going back to 70's with C-cassettes...

    So i started to look around something that would be affordable, easy and as hassle free as possible... yeah right...

    So to the HW.
    1 x MSI Windbox II
    1 x E-500.5D ((RMS 4x65W + 1x220W) digital 5 ch amp
    4 x Dayton DAEX25 Sound Exciters (2 pairs)
    1 x cheap touchscreen unit, about 7"
    1 x USB radio unit (Silabs)
    1 x car audio cabling kit
    1 x CarNetix CNX-P1900
    1 x 5 meters USB extension cable
    1 x sw, Centrafuse... (WinXP on board)
    1 x Rcjoycon EX remote to USB converter
    With Sony RM-X2S stick to use with it
    Allso i have USB GPS and BT dongles ready for use if i decide to go for them....

    Then i went to the car and looked if the display would actually fit to very un-standard slot. At old Citroens they did not use DIN standards, but used slot to fit only certain radios like ContinentalEdison or some Philips models. I allmost bought a 60/70īs radio and just allmost thinked to build the Carputer in to that, luckily i didnt...

    The display was about 0,5 cm too wide so i decided to demolish the display and see if the bare panel could fit. It did perfectly after i stripped it and did whole lot of "Dremeling" to the aluminium dashboard segment. Felt sorry to demolish original part, but i promise to find me a intact piece, if i want to restore the car...

    The PC setup was then assembled on my desk and i have pre setup it and now allso tried it.
    I allso got me self a 5 channel digital amp that has adjustable inputs to fron/rear/sub lines.
    I then decided to go with external soundcard with 5 adjustable outputs to make use of the possibility of multi channel material... They are just wonderful together!

    I ordered a CarNetix CNX-P1900 for powering the system. The tests showed me that dumb 12V laptop poweradapter would only make things more difficult. Why not make it good right at start.

    The Rcjoycon adapter was basically a quick decision. Would not need it since i have the touch-screen, but for usage while driving, a seperate fysical remote, like the Sony RM-X2S, would help everyday life. So i decided to go and give it a try. It is a superb innovation by the way, and quite afforable! =)
    Its allso should be good for using the carputer while screen is off. I dont have to wake it up for just adjusting volume (?)...

    For the summer 2010 i will get it done. Lets see how it goes =)

    So i broke the screen, bummer. It was good that i got a cheap one. I did take the risk when opening the screen case. Well, the new will be taken apart just like this one. I have practised it allready

    <update> 1.4.2010, i am still waiting for my spare parts for the LCD. I found a couple of sellers that had Hitachi LCD panels. One of them never returned to my email inquirys (within 10 days) and second did not have the screen at stock, but third had. So now i am going to have the LCD unit soon enough =)
    eBay is wonderful place...

    The amp and speakers are now in the car. I now did the cable plans and fabricateted a full cable set to help the initial install.

    I allso got some damping mats to be glued to the floor. Citroen D is like a drum =). Especially in ID, witch is "basic model" and not as sound proof as more expensive DS.
    Front and rear seats are now in place. The seatbelts are allmost done and still need to do some painting and carpet work.

    Some pictures of my project can be found here: Picasa.

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    Update 8.4.10

    Today i fired up the system, thow with the broken screen (blank white).
    The system strated after i turned the key
    It was helping that is completed the system at home before i installed it to the car but anyway, to see it wake up, without wall power outlet, was vey satifying

    It was little bit hard to test anything without the screen but i got some sound (not music thow) and system went to sleep when ingition turned off. I think i will make the wakeup with a button anyway. I propably wont be needing the Carpc to start every single time i put ignition on.

    Other stuff done, rear door speakers are in place, but one of them "rattles" easily. I have to support is more. The "feet" of the speaker is only for keep it in place... Front doors are more tricky becouse structure of the car makes speaker cabling not so easy...
    installed some seatbelts... It is quite close to be put to "Show your Project" section


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      nice look, the modern touchscreen with a reallyyyyyy old looking clock beneath it .. !


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        Yes the old clock truly gives nice contrast =)

        This is going to be the screen saver picture that comes up after about a minute within the beziel...

        At perfect light, unaware folks have to look twice


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          99,8 % finished =)

          Today i updated te CF to 3.1, have solved remaining (little) probs.
          I allso recieved a spare part for my 7" LCD screen and got the display working again =)
          Made a proper cable connection to Silabs USB radio antenna (witch is originally a joke)...

          <edit 1.5.10> Silabs dont work on CF 3.1 =(. It works if using Silabs own sw but not CF... </edit>

          The system is allmost 100%. Have been using it for a week now in the car without major clicks. Had some power troubles but that been solved. I'm allso going to add some fuses to Carnetix and wires for electric front seats... The system boots from ignition signal to play music very quickly... About 10-15 secs. Will do some tuning to have it even more quick.
          It does stumble up from total freeze acceptable speed, but this is allso tuning to be done...
          Screen is not the brightest around but does the job.

          So now i just need to finish the beziel (do the paint) and do the rest of the interiour stuff (carpets mostly), route the antenna wire properly to Silabs inside my dashboard and the project is practically finished!
          Still need to configure stuff, like tune up the roycon controller little bit more, connect front speakers and do some minor configuring stuff with the WinXP, but i am most likely have 100% pole very shortly!
          I will update the photos when everything is 100% finished.


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            100% finished!

            I am proud to announce that the project Citroen DSuper is now finished!

            The last visible thing was to finish the beziel and now it is done. It took about 15 mins...

            Allso got new set of black floormats for this car and i needed to change the Silabs radio module. It started to work again. It looks like the first one is broken. Luckily i allways bay everything in pairs just in this kind of situations

            Of course there are yet something to do, like finishing the interiour and dashboard, but the Carputer is now in full use and working ok. The Roycon needs some adjusting but it dosent affect CarPC usage. Someday my "CitPuter" will have version 2.0, this is something like 0.8... Perhaps next winter

            Next project might very well be my Alfa Romeo 156 Sportswagon that has really crappy C-cassette headunit and broken cd-changer in the boot. What i was thinking about was flip-out-lcd to the dash and super mini pc to replace the cd-changer. The OS could be either Ubuntu OR Android ????? Both to be used with Soptify service. NOT Windows...