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2007 4D Honda Civic

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  • 2007 4D Honda Civic

    Hello everyone.

    This is my setup for a 4door Honda civic:


    • Via Mini itx motherboard with nemiah 1 Ghz
    • 120 Watt ITX PICO Wide input (12-25 V) DC input power supply
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 24bit Sound Blaster Audigy PCI Sound Card
    • Sony Amp 185 watts x 2 RMS at 4 ohms (That’s all I need)
    • Two 10 inch Sony subwoofers in a sealed box
    • Radio Shack RCA audio ground-loop isolator
    • Lilliput 8" (4:3) VGA Touch Screen TFT LCD Display 809GL-80NP/C/T120
    • Radio Shack touch-screen stylus (used in Nintendo Gameboy)
    • DeLorme USB / Bluetooth GPS receiver
    • Belkin USB N Draft wireless adapter
    • Targus AKP11US USB Wireless Numeric Keypad
    • Easycat Touchpad
    • Cirago micro Bluetooth USB adapter
    • Sabrent 4 port USB hub quadropus
    • 120 GB internal Hard Drive
    • 500 GB external USB HD (WD Passport)
    • Dual 12v car battery, parallel setup (Car + PC)
    • 12v timer relay. This allows car charging system to charge secondary battery after a predefined time set. Thus, isolating the PC during those amp-hungry engine starts, and isolating the main car battery from being accidentally drained.
    • OBDLink Multiprotocol OBD-II by ScanTool
    • Windows XP professional
    • No Front-end yet. (may not need one) I'm currently using macros assigned to the number key pad. It takes me from one app to another in the blink of an eye.
    • Winamp 5.57 with hm_Touch_m Skin. By: Heiko Mamsch (Looks very nice)
    • DeLorme Streets Atlas USA 2010 (voice navigation, and recognition!)
    • TouchScan software for OBD link
    • Macro Express 3.8 (Incredible piece of software for macro-creation!)
    • MS Access 2007
    • Custom-written VB.NET software for automated, numerical playlist creation. (The generated playlists works with Winamp by way of Targus Keypad. I will post a link to the program and the code on request)

    This picture shows the stock dashboard and radio from Honda.

    This is the diagram of all the wiring (For illustration only)

    I'll post installation pics......

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    If you don't mind, please post some pics of the install...


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      I'm interested in your install as well, as I'm about to start putting together an install for an 07 Civic coupe Si. How did you mount the 8" screen with the factory headunit still there??


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        Installation Pictures

        Here are some pics...
        Never mind the date on the pictures, I messed up by not fixing the right date on my camera.
        I worked on this project in February 2010.

        This is the 8'' touchscreen

        The 8'' touchscreen had to be fitted into an aftermarket dash part designed for a 7'' screen. That's where the fun begins

        Taking the touchscreen assembly apart in order to test fit it

        The LCD by itself above

        You can see the difference in size between the LCD and my dash part

        Preparing to cut

        Building some sun protection (shade) around it, and laying some resin and fiberglass cloth. I grinded all areas where the resin was bonded; it's hard to see on the picture.

        Sanded the resin

        After the resin was sanded, bondo was used to fill imperfections, and you can see here how it is turning out. I also cut a piece of plywood to the exact size of the LCD in order to see how it fits, without damaging the actual screen

        Here I'm doing some preliminary test fitting

        After passing the test fit, the newly modded part was sprayed with some primer

        Here, I soldered some wire to the on/off button in order to relocate the switch

        That's all I have for now; I will continue posting the rest of the installation pics before March 09, 2010. Thank you for viewing.


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          That shroud looks awesome!

          Nice fab work!

          Project Double Vision


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            Looking good!

            That's basically the same thing I'm going to have to do with my screen, as I have the same model. There are pictures somewhere around here and over at 8thcivic that show how somebody else did the same thing without the hood.

            I am still a little confused as to your head unit.


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              Here's more pictures......

              Testing the LCD

              Soldered the lcd's IR sensor to allow relocation

              Timer relay to allow charging of secondary battery after a predefined time (I'm using 5 sec delay after engine start) The timer relay is wired to a regular 40amp SPST relay that connects the car's charging system with the secondary battery. This helps isolate the computer from the car during start-ups, and allows me to enjoy my carpc when i'm parked. knowing that my main battery will not drain gives me peace of mind

              I was going to replace the factory stereo with the carpc system at first, But then I decided to keep my stero in addition to the carpc. That was a little bit challenging, but with time and patience I was able to relocate the original stereo just below the LCD

              Here, I'm taking the factory stero apart. At this point, sometimes you question yourself...
              (What am I doing to my *@#$ car? )

              Needless to say, the above picture does not represent the final product

              Removed center console to allow routing of all cables.

              Installed main power cable from the battery w/fuse

              Made a quick harness for the AUX input of my Honda radio

              A picture of the work in progress. VGA, Audio, USB and power cable in the trunk


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                More pics...

                Removed On/Off button and power LED circuit from the original computer's case to be installed in car's dashboard. I used the Power button to turn on the PC, and the Reset button to turn on the LCD. I used regular telephone cable to connect the PC power button all the way to the computer located in the trunk

                The LCD and PC on/off buttons will be installed here

                On the picture above I still need to smooth out the hot glue finish

                Here's the telephone cable with soldered connections for the LED and Remote PC power

                The newly painted dashboard with the LCD already mounted

                This is the center console. Even though I have a touchscreen; I decided to "embed" a touchpad pointing device on the console as an added feature. I have some computer applications where I opt to use the touchpad, and some where I choose to tap on the LCD screen instead. This is very handy.

                I cuttoff some plastic to "bridge" the gap around the touchpad, and then used body filler to cover the remaining tiny gaps and final overall finish

                That's the final product

                Lots of wiring

                Those plastic tie-ins work great!

                This preliminary pic shows the computer in the trunk

                USB connectors inside the center console compartment

                This is a test fit of the factory radio and radio's lcd

                After securing the factory radio with metal brackets in the back and repositioning it, I began fabricating the "housing" around it. I used a combination of hot glue to hold radio's lcd into place, cardboard coated with fiberglass resin and bondo. I used flat black to topcoat it

                This is the way it turned out!

                Checkout the PC's and LCD's power buttons located on the left side below the air vent

                This picture shows the location of the mic I use to ask questions and control my DeLorme Voice navigation software (you have to try this, it's very cool). It is a cheap microphone I bought for testing from Radio Shack. But it works surprisingly well. This is a keeper.

                This is the location of the DeLorme GPS receiver. I apologize for the bad pictures. As you can see, taking pictures it's not my forte

                One external USB port outside the center console and two ports inside it. The red button completely disconnects the computer from all power by way of 30amp relay. Equivalent to unplugging your home computer. I don't plan on using this one a lot, but just added it while I had the chance

                The final location of the computer (on the right side) I still need to put some carpet to make it look a little better

                This picture shows the final setup behind the back seat. I secured the amp with a small chain (you don't hear any rattle at all). I might take my car to a professional mobile audio place to improve the aesthetics a little more

                The only thing that I'm missing still, it is the secondary battery. I will take care of it sometime this week. I just wanted to drive my car as much as possible to test and fine-tune the setup before adding the secondary battery. At the same time, I wanted to find out if I really needed the battery. It turns out that maybe I don't need it, but I'd like to have it as an added feature.

                Thanks for viewing.


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                  It's pretty cool how you kept the OEM radio and mounted on the bottom....great work. I was thinking the opposite, mounting the LCD on the bottom seeing how she uses the radio a lot more than would the carputer...


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                    I like your idea about the LCD being placed on the bottom part. See, Originally I was just going to replace the factory stereo with the LCD. But then decided to add the radio to it as well. Personally, I use the computer a lot more than the radio. I'm controlling winamp with the key pad which allows me to take full control of all playback features.