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2001 Tahoe First Carputer

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  • 2001 Tahoe First Carputer

    Ok so ive been reading these forums for over a year now and finally decided to take the plunge into installing a Carputer

    I decided that since i was new i would search the classifieds here at Mp3Car and BINGO found a complete system ready to go ! ( didnt want to buy something brand new and blow it all up ) And am i ever glad i did so , this gentleman shipped out quickly even after i received my package he was kind enough to do a web conference with me to walk me through all the parts and how they worked ( HUUUUUUUGE HELP )


    EPIA MII-10000G EPIA Motherboard

    Morex 3688 Case

    VIA C3 1GHz Processor

    1GB of DDR400

    160GB 7200RPM (Ultra-Fast) SATA Free-Fall Sensor Hard Drive

    Optical Drive: 8x DVD/RW +/- Burner

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Cardbus Sound Card

    Wi-Fi Network Adapter (external USB Adapter)

    10/100 Wired Ethernet Port

    2 Serial Ports

    VGA Output

    S-Video Output

    Composite Video Output

    On-board sound w/ Line-In, Line-Out, and Mic-In

    PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Ports

    4 USB 2.0 Ports (2 Front Panel, 2 Rear Panel)

    12V Power Input (to feed the 12V ATX Internal Power Supply)

    ACPI Signal Jack (Connects to P1290 to turn PC on/off)

    Clean Windows XP install w/ license

    120V Power supply for use inside the house (testing, setup)


    Ultra-Compact USB wired Keyboard/Touchpad

    7 port (powered) USB hub (powered by the P1290) expanding USB port to 10!

    BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver

    Belkin Bluetooth dongle

    ELM 327 OBDII

    Logitech Microphone

    Microsoft Web Cam

    Front End Software i went with Street Deck

    Kicker 800.5 5 channel 800 watt amp (only running the stock speakers will be upgrading the audio as soon as i can tune up the PC software i want running )

    Clear 4g Wimax USB Card

    I had just bought this used 2001 tahoe to play around with so i had a ton of real estate to work with so i decided that a 10.4" touch screen was going to be my monitor, ordered it out from gooddeals18 and received it with a cracked screen. Took forever to get someone to talk to there but now it is all being resolved and hopefully i wont have any more problems with them ! In the meantime i have a buddy who actually had one sitting around his shop that he lent me until the replacement comes back

    The only problem i could foresee would be where to put my AC controls if i wanted the screen where the stock radio is . So after a little work i decided to put them in the glove box !!

    I'm 6 ft 6 so reaching over isn't that big of a deal

    next was getting the screen to fit in there, wasn't hard at all but would like to have known how to take the screen out of its case so i didn't have the buttons showing but all in all I'm not disappointed for a first try

    Im still trying to get some of the software to do what i wanted it to do but i am very pleased with the end result.

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    OK so also the location of the computer is right in the center console, i couldnt get a great picture but hope you get the idea

    also the Amp is under the back seat on the driver side

    and a view from inside

    and these are just a few shots of the truck out today in Vegas


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      I love the paint! Is that satin black? Also I like where you put the a/c controls. I may steal that idea for my dakota.


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        Yeah its satin black !! has a beautiful Eggshell finish !!


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          Love SUV CarPC systems..... Are you having issues with slowness though? The EPIA MII-10000G EPIA Motherboard is the one I think I had the first time and it couldnt do alot of stuff, it would either run slow or give me blue screens of death.

          I love the Tahoe because the dash looks good with a screen in it. Also there isnt much modding involved.

          All you have to do is go crazy like me and add a Car PC for each seat! You have 300% more room then I do. I had to loose so much space. Because of the setup, I cant use my SUV for SUV purposes like hauling stuff around.

          PS: Love the satin black also. I think I am going to use it for my race stripes when I have them added.
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            Yes the board is very slow to me , but i wasnt expecting it to be lightning fast , im gonna go with this one here ,


            with 2GB RAM and see what this does,unless anyone has any other recomendations that will go in the case im using without much modding

            i am running alot of programs that require internet and am going to be streaming my slingbox soon enough so i will need alot more speed !!!


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              sweet install , i wish i wouldve thought of moving the ac control lol
              grat job...