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2007 Nissan Versa. Audio install with a carputer on the side

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  • 2007 Nissan Versa. Audio install with a carputer on the side

    Parts list:

    JVC KD-S100 HU - $109
    Phoenix Gold RSD65cs Components - $79
    Eclipse 2 Ch 180 Watt Digital Amplifier - $99
    Kenwood KAC-8104D 500 Watt Mono Amplifier - $129
    Alpine 12" Type R DVC subwoofer - $99
    Custom made ported box - $140

    This is the stock Nissan Versa Dash

    Installed HU:

    Wiring Accessories.

    Phoenix Gold RSD65cs components:

    I also purchased this speaker adaptor as it is made from ABS plastic and will not be prone to water damage, unlike ones made from MDF.

    Drilled a marker hole for the circle saw for the tweeter pods.

    Moving on to the component speakers. Here are the stock paper speakers.

    Installed PG component.

    Eclipse EA2000 for the components.

    Mounted on a carpeted peice of MDF to be installed behind the seat. Distribution block is beside it.

    Alpine Type R, bought on sale for $99 (insane deal) during the holidays

    Installed into a custom made ported box. Box is lined with micro suede.
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    2007 Nissan Versa

    CarPC Build:

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    The Car PC will go in the glove box. The head unit will be moved to the cubby hole above the stock location and the double din opening will be home to a 7" touchscreen.

    Computer Specs:

    Intel D945GCLF2D Mini ITX Mobo
    Kingston ValueRAM PC2-5300 2GB RAM
    Seagate Momentus 7200.4 320GB 2.5IN Hard Drive
    MINI-BOX M350 MINI-ITX Case & Pico PSU 90W DC-DC Power Supply
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Carputer Case.

    7" Touchscreen Monitor.

    Front End: Road Runner with eLite skin.

    Engine Management/OBD tool: OBDLink Multiprotocol OBD-II by ScanTool

    Dashcommand running custom Nissan GTR skin.

    GPS Receiver: G.Mouse Mini USB SiRF Star-III 20-Channel GPS Receiver for PC and Laptops

    GPS Software: iGuidance v2009 Laptop, UMPC/Car PC Edition.

    Reverse Camera.
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    2007 Nissan Versa

    CarPC Build:


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      The double din screen wasn't exactly double din I had to do some cutting but I really did not want to modify the dash because it would not look as clean as if I were to keep the dash untouched. I'm not happy about the cuts so I can either sand it down and paint over, or wrap it in 3M carbon fiber vinyl. I think I will go with the latter option

      Also, the camera is in. It just needs to be wired now. The touch screen has an auto rear view switching line. It will be connected to the reverse lights. Once the reverse lights come on (meaning i'll be in reverse gear), the line will sense the signal and switch to the 2nd input, which will be the reverse camera.
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      2007 Nissan Versa

      CarPC Build:


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        Screen in and fitted. Wrapped dash in 3M carbon fibre tape.

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        2007 Nissan Versa

        CarPC Build:


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          2007 Nissan Versa

          CarPC Build:


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            I will say, make sure you spray some primer or something to prevent rust. Otherwise mother nature will eat that metal right up. I drilled holes in similar metal for my reverse system and it started to rust bad. I used that spray stuff that turns rust into primer and so far that has worked.

            Other then that, nice install! I'm not a fan of the Versa, but the way you have yours looks good.
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              looks great so far, im not really a fan of versa's either but yours looks clean well done


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                Nice clean install.....I like.
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                  I just hope you don't live in Surrey. If you do, I hope you keep it in a well-hidden area. My car got broken into SIX times in two years and the system wasn't nearly as high-profile as that one. Though your pic looks more like Vancouver to me, maybe Kerrisdale or something.
                  Anyway, it looks really nicely done. I like how integrated it looks.

                  From the video of your dashcommand, it looks like only a few gauges work? Is it a work in progress, or is that all that's functional on the GTR skin?

                  Ironic side note, my friend had his window smashed by someone and the only thing they stole was a CD that had a hole drilled through it so it could hang from the rearview mirror. Ironic part is it's the CD titled in your first pic.
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                    Thanks for the warning...and don't worry, I don't live in the ghetto. And my car is well protected

                    Dash command is still a work in progress. There is so much to do, I've barely spent any time working on the computer side of things.

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                    2007 Nissan Versa

                    CarPC Build:



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                      M350 carputer case.

                      Mounted upside down in glovebox.

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                      2007 Nissan Versa

                      CarPC Build:



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                        Carputer install complete, unit mounted upside down in the glovebox.

                        Carputer is running RR with Elite skin, Dash command with GTR Gauges and iGuidance for GPS. M3 PSU is working great so far. Boots up with switched power is ON, shuts down when switched power is OFF (after 5 seconds)

                        One last thing to do, the OBDLink needs to be sent back as this model uses power from the OBD connector. This will be a problem as it will be plugged in all the time. I will receive the newer model in return. The new model takes power from the USB port, which is fine as it will not be powered when the carputer is off.
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                        2007 Nissan Versa

                        CarPC Build:



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                          Looks like a nice clean install! Does the PC get hot sitting in the glovebox all shut up?
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                            Its not too bad, I got this little fan in to help with ambient temps in the case itself.

                            Speedfan says its about 45-50 deg C inside the case during load with the glovebox door closed. Goes down significantly when open.
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                            2007 Nissan Versa

                            CarPC Build:



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                              How is your pico psu hooked up? I got the same case (love it!), but I didn't want to go for the same psu that you have because I didn't see a Ignition wire. I went with an m3 instead. I routed the power and ignition wires through the little hole in the back for now.

                              Also, how is your screen powered? I had to leave my case top off so that I could hook up my screen and usb port to the m3. I'm thinking about drilling a bigger hole in the case.