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'10 Scion TC Carputer install

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  • '10 Scion TC Carputer install

    Starting an install this week and gonna start ordering stuff tomorrow, so figured Id start a thread for pics and just general tips and comments. Currently its a stock 2010 Scion TC and building the computer for the following functions initially:

    Initial Setup:
    Play music
    Play DVDs
    Engine Monitoring (including gas mileage)

    Future Improvements:
    Rear view camera
    HVAC system control
    Systems control (locks, windows, sunroof, etc)
    and probably more later

    Here are my current purchase items:

    And here is the stock photo of my dash will update when install is complete:

    Open to suggestions and recommendations, Im a busy person so time is only available on the weekends, and cash flow is limited so trying to find solutions that are both inexpensive (as much as possible) and still achieve my goal.

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    So I had a ****ty job yesterday which consisted of me sitting and watching airplanes take off for 4 hours and had a lot of time to think about my install. While doing so came across this Tablet and started considering that. So after 4 hours decided on using that instead, there are some pros and cons which ill inform of once i have it installed and running but ordered it today and should get it friday so gonna do a crude install this weekend while i work out how im gonna fit the larger screen in the dash.


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      ^ interested in seeing if it will fit in the waterfall.
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        You do realize that SOPYP is for completed projects, right?
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Ok so I just received the Archos 9 and its a little bigger than expected and running into some trouble using some parts of it, so its a failed experiment, however it will be a good tablet cause i needed one. So back to the drawing board ordering a nettop this friday that should work great and getting a screen as well if I get a response about the 3M capacitive overlay.

          Note:If a moderator could move this to the worklog cause im an idiot and didnt see it when i made the thread. Thanks


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            Finally got enough parts to start my install, been working on the screen today and got it taken apart and have installed the 3M capacitive touch panel on top. Here's some pics:

            Im still waiting on the mounts for the dash to install it in, and have to make the power for the computer before i can install it and get all the components working, but now its just time for the work all the parts are here


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              Where are you planning on mounting the computer, as the factory sub in our cars take up the space to the right of the spare tire?


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                I was wondering where did you purchase your 3m touch panel kit and which model kit is it exactly? I am very interested in your touch screen set up, since I'm a big fan of capacitive touch screens lol. can't wait to see your next update when you get to test out the touch screen kit


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                  I'm wondering the exact same thing...
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                    Give you an idea of what I did with tC...I made my own double din bracket's for it

                    The CAD models


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                      that looks good! are you doing away with the radio door?


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                        Originally posted by vijainair View Post
                        that looks good! are you doing away with the radio door?


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                          SECSHI! I like it! Looking forward to seeing more pics!
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                            looking good, i'm interested in seeing how you integrate OEM functions, BTW my sig has a link to my Tc install
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                              Ok so finally back after a little break because of training and a move, but still working on the project, unfortunately the screen I originally went with doesnt like being the only monitor and im having problems with it (though I like it for my desktop computer so all is well). I purhcased another screen but because of the move it is stuck in limbo with USPS. Working on figuring that out and its what im waiting on to get this installed in my system. I have done some test with the capacitive screen on the Doublesight monitor and it works fairly well, not as good as an iphone, but much better than resistive touch.

                              My system has changed quite a bit since the first post, Im using a acer Aspire revo 3100 for my ocmputer and have it wired up to a CNX-P1900 for power (have yet to wire it up to the car waiting for the screen). Using a slot load dvd player that will be installed on the top of the cubby and a gps receiver, not sure where to put that yet.