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Techno-Violet ///M(p)3 *Updated* 4-16-03

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  • Techno-Violet ///M(p)3 *Updated* 4-16-03

    Make: BMW
    Model: ///M3 (Coupe)
    Year: 1996
    Mileage: 35k and some change
    Color: Techno-Violet
    Specs (stock): 3.2L I-6 240hp, 5spd
    Mods: Dinan CF cai, Dinan HFM, Dinan Throttle Body, Dinan Stage iV software, Unorthodox Racing Pulleys, B&B Tri-Flo (round tip) exhaust, RD Sport Strut Bar, CF DTM Splitter, Custom Black Kidneys, Custom LED Angel eyes, smoked corners and sides (not on in the pictures).

    HU: JVC Kameleon LX-50 (4v preamp out, sub out, aux in, voice controll)
    Highs: (2) Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.5" component set (front L & R)
    -------(2) Infinity Kappa 6.5" (rear L & R)
    Lows: (2) Infinity Kappa Perfect 12" in custom box
    Amps: Soundstream Rubicon 604 (highs)
    -------Soundstream Rubicaon 702 (lows)

    -Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop base
    -pIII 850MHz, 256 ram
    -32 meg ATI M4 video, ESS Maestro Sound
    -10 gig main drive, 40 gig secondary
    -8x DVD
    -2 usb, serial, firewire, S-Video out, 802.11

    -Dell Air / Auto adaptor
    -Auto turn on of power feed via relay on Amp On (remote) feed.
    -Auto turn of of laptop it self with momentary relay ( thanks mp3hombre! )
    -When car (or head unit) is powered off the unit will go to battery power. After 20min of battery power the laptop will hibernate. Also once the unit is powered on it will ignore all signals to the momentary switch (power button) so if you turn the car off for 5 min then get back in when you start it the signal won't cause the laptop to shut down.

    right now everything is sitting in my room waiting to be installed, basically I'm waiting on digitalWW to complete his 7" in dash touch screens

    INSTALLATION see below
    -- WireSix, Inc. --
    MP3Car Lives Here!

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    -My baby just sitting in the garage waiting for her new toys

    -I pulled out the entire dash, I've actually put most of the stuff back in a couple days ago there wasn't even carpet in the car...

    -here you can see where the head unit was and below that is where the AC controls went... the ducting is all behind there so it couldn't handle he depth of the in dash lcd.

    -I cut the back out of the glove box and moved the head unit into the glove box. I need to make a face to box in the head unit so it doesn't look so ugly. but for right now it will just have to sit like that

    -The laptop will be strapped to the bottom of the dash like so. All of the cables will be hidden and the dvd drive is exposed for easy loading. I can unstrap and take the laptop out if need be.
    -- WireSix, Inc. --
    MP3Car Lives Here!


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      Sweet, nice to see you are not afraid to dig into your car...
      1999 voyager pontoon boat
      (soon to be computerized)