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2006 GTI Carputer

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  • 2006 GTI Carputer

    • Zotac IONXT a-g Intel Atom 330
    • 2GB RAM
    • 64GB SSD
    • M2-ATX-HV psu
    • Centrafuse 3.1 frontend
    • GPS
    • OBD2
    • Silislabs FM tuner (not working with Centrafuse yet)
    • Lilliput eby701 touch screen

    • Polk Audio 4 channel amp powering stock speakers
    • Alpine mono amp powering a 12 inch type R sub

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    Originally posted by tongputer View Post
    Do those angle pieces do a good job of holding your sub in place? Like if you have it pushing out some good bass and take a hard turn will it still be where you left it?


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      actually yea, it works very well. that all came with the car. its called Gorilla gear. those angle pieces velcro to the mat on the floor of the trunk.


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        Do you still have this install? I'm looking at getting a GTi 2006-2010 and before I start cutting up the dash and whatnot, how hard was it for you to get parts (ie, how expensive) did you lose all functionality from your steering wheel buttons? In all honesty, Its getting really hard to justify a CarPC anymore and before I go cutting it up, do you still enjoy yours?
        My First Install. Be gentle with my 03 Vibe GT


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          yea i still have it. parts ran about $1500 when it was all said and done. i lost all radio controls from the wheel but there is a guy on Vortex forum i think that made an USB adapter which i have but never installed.

          honestly i wouldn't do it this way again, though it was a lot of fun (but i enjoy this stuff)

          i think my next project is to create a doc for a tablet (samsung galaxy right now), and put that where the where i have the touch screen now. then just run a mini jack to coax cable from the doc right to the amp. then i can just doc the tablet when I'm driving and stream Pandora or something and then i can stash it in the glove box or bring it with me so it doesn't get stolen.


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            Thanks for the info. The 1500 is well more then I'd like to spend right now on replacement parts. I have got to be honest, as much as I enjoyed building my Carputer for my Vibe, I'm having a very difficult time justifying putting a new one in the GTi. Maybe once I get the car, I'll change my mind, but right now, I'm still looking at ideas and what I COULD build up for it. I have started 'building' a computer and looking at some pictures of the dash for the GTi is hopeful...we'll see.
            My First Install. Be gentle with my 03 Vibe GT


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              What sound card did you use? I see a lot of RCAs.