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vauxhall vectra car pc

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  • vauxhall vectra car pc

    this is really a work in progress but heres a couple off pics

    also anyone got any ideas about tidying up screen location ????

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    Can you post some larger clearer pictures of the screen/dash area?
    FAQ to the FAQ - Great Starting Point

    My 2006 Honda Accord Carputer - Work In Progress
    My 1997 Chrysler Concorde Carputer - Died


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      ill get some close ups off the screen really cant figure a way off making a bezel for it at the moment.

      also spent abit off time organizing the glovebox, its all paneled up now and switch mounted along with a aux socket for car chargers etc. also remounted optical drive and mounted some leds and blue neon aswell. gonna get some black plastic to replace the carpet bit on the neon.

      also now still to fit memory card recorder for front cam, gps receiver and still got to find a way to get a mic installed that actually works well. also got a 300mps wifi dongle to fit aswell

      oh and actually make a plan to put a bezel round the screen lol


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        quick update

        wifi all working now
        mobile broadband all working

        changed all the speakers to focal polyglass
        now running a sound blaster usb sound card, sounds alot better now


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          hey foxy1281

          have a look at how i did my screen in my 1998 vectra.... its not touch screen - it just to watch dvds....

          just an idea... if ur screen is the right size maybe you can do something like this also....

          good luck pal....

          the Dr.


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            Great work!

            We're working on a similar project on a Vauxhall Vectra too but we are now concentrating on OBD / CANBUS interactions. Did you do or plan to do something with CAN BUS?
            We are looking for speed information and some reverse engineering of the messages
            You can see our progress if you want at