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07 Range Rover Sport carpc completed

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  • 07 Range Rover Sport carpc completed

    Hey guys! I want to show you my very first car modification.
    I decided to add a computer without adding new lcd monitors to my car,so i found the perfect solution for everything.
    Also i wanted all the cable's to be nearly invisible,and i've managed to do just that!

    Here's my current specs:

    Mini ITX Carputer
    Processor 1.66GHz Dual Core Atom D510
    1Mb L2 Cache
    667Mhz Front Side Bus
    Graphics Intel GMA 3150/NM10 Express
    Graphics engine clock: 400MHz
    DirectX 9.0 Support
    Chipsets Intel 945GC Northbridge
    ICH7 South bridge
    Audio Six channel Intel® High Definition Audio
    Composite/RCA Line Outputs
    USB 6x USB 2.0
    LAN 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps
    Rear Panel I/O 2x Ps2 for mouse and keyboard
    1x VGA
    1x 10/100/1000 LAN
    6x USB 2.0 ports
    3x Audio: Line in, Line out, and Mic in
    Composite/RCA Line Outputs
    1x RPSMA Wifi Antenna Connector
    Hard Drive 2.5" 250Gb Western Digital SATA II + external 500gb HD
    Memory 2Gb 800MHz DDR2
    Supports up to 4GB of RAM
    Internal WIFI and Bluetooth
    OS Windows 7 x64 running Windows Media Center

    To output video from pc to nav lcd,i bought a GVIF with a VGA to Composite adapter.

    To get the touchscreen working,i installed a touchscreen kit from cyclotouch.

    It goes right over the stock touchscreen,under the plastic bezel.

    Installation Pictures (I'll add more soon)

    Computer positioned on the trunk of the car. Cigar lighter has a cable inside that start's the computer as the key turns.When this doesn't get power,it forces the computer to hibernate.
    Works great!

    GVIF under the driver's seat,over the stock nav dvd drive.

    And the best part of the setup,the power cables of the computer go through the tools box into the spare tire and inside a metallic cylindrical part under the car,then it connects directly to the battery (it's perfectly protected and invisible).

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    Here's a video,i will post more pics tomorrow


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      More pics? Looks great. How do you like Windows Media Center as a front end? The fonts look a bit small for you to see the words when you are in driving position
      2007 Nissan Versa

      CarPC Build:


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        volvoman1 thanks man,i updated the post with some more pictures i took today.
        About Media center,it's amazing to look at,it works great with the touchscreen ans is quite responsive. However i have intentions on modding it to make the control buttons a little bigger.
        Reading is good,i haven't had any difficulty with it so far!


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          Hi mate, just a quick question... did you use the following? - I have emailed cyclotouch to see if they will ship to the uk.

          Also, where did you pick up your GVIF from - I have seen prices from the uk for 300 quid.

          Thanks in advance


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            That's right. I don't recommend it though. I want to change the lcd altogether. The overlay works and fits perfectly,however on very sunny and warm days,it tends to create big riples and the touch will go bananas
            Best solution is to get a new lcd,place it in the same case and have touch as usb. I'm thinking on getting a lilliput monitor,open it up and place it. I will let you know when i do so.
            About GVIF, i don't remember where i got it. A friend ordered 2 since we both have the same cars.


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              firstly thanks for the quick reply lol, i wasnt expecting u to get back to me so soon

              I already have a lilliput 629gl which is currently in my 3 series which i suppose i could transplant over. Would the Nav work on that you think? only inputs it has are, component vga and dvi.

              I looking at getting my Sport in june, and am just trying to plan things out in advance. Would defo be interested in seeing what the setup would be like, would really appreciate it if you could take pics when you do


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                No problem, i'm glad to help a fellow RRS user (i'm such in love with this car) hahah
                Anyway you could transplant it over,is it 7" ?
                I setup an external nav on my pc. It's positioned on the tailgate side windows (the smaller ones) and it's reception is perfect. I'll look at the model type though. Also i installed a nav software for pc and i can have all the maps i want with perfect navigation (much much much better than the stock one in the rrs) Anyway, i will let you know.
                Btw,what color are you going to get?


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                  Yh its a 7" - Although there is an issue with it atm which im trying to get resolved with MoCoSo but once its working itll be moved over.

                  If you could post up links to any hardware and software you used for your own Nav that would be great, ill start installing on my test machine at home and get it working perfectly. I was looking for something like TomTom but for windows but never managed to find anything similar. I used centrafuse for a while but gave up trying to get the maps to work (probs because it was a cracked version)

                  Where is the Battery and Fuse block situated in the Sport? and how did you feed the power lines to the boot/trunk (do you have pics)?

                  Im probably goin to get the same year range as yours and as with all used approved cars, colours are limited lol but im looking for either black grey or silver. But i did see an orange one which took my fancy!

                  Anything i should look out for when buying? Any common faults? Signs that its been misused?

                  Im in love with the car but having driven manuals all my driving life, its gonna be weird going to an auto. What model do you have? Im looking at the 4.2 v8 supercharged


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                    Looks great!!! does the original touch screen panel still work?? im doing a similar project in my full size range rover, ive posted videos of my setup on youtube