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  • My project

    Project Name: MP3SCrew
    Car: 2001 Ford SuperCrew
    Engine: 5.4L V8

    Basic Stereo Information: 4 Infinity 5 x 7's and 2 JBL 10" Subs powered by a JBL 80.4 and a 300.1
    Carputer: Celery 1Gig
    Case: My center console
    Power: Top Microsystems 250W DC-DC
    Storage: 80GB Maxtor
    Sound: Onboard Sound (looking for an Extigy).
    Alarm: Autopage RS750 Pager alarm + Colt Defender carried by the guy on the other end of the pager. Recently had a lojack installed. So if the I don't get ya the cops will.


    You can keep track of the progress here. Lotsa pics. Look under the TruckPuter and Audio albums.

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    Sweet little setup...

    I have the same car alarm as you. I've had a few problems with the remote flippin' out on me. I had to replace it twice and a third time is soon...When the problems start I'll push a button to start or disarm it and the whole remote lights up, all the LCD stuff displays and then goes dead. Have you had the same problems?

    Anyway, great set up w/ the screen. Wish I has the room to do something like that...
    Aura MR62 (F and R)
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      I've had no problems with the autopage portion of the alarm system. The Colt Defender part did jam today on the range.